“Some Road” – Last Train To Juarez (2022) [english]

The independent artists I discover as Trex Road continues its exploration, I keep an eye on them. I try not to lose them, despite the music I know is now really a lot and often, alas, I forget some of them until they come back with other interesting records. This is not the case of Dejan Knezevic and his Last Train To Juarez, I have not lost sight of them and through their social pages I follow their artistic life made of many live. I already told you about their EP Dirt and Stone, released last year (you can find here the article https://www.trexroads.com/dirt-and-stone-last-train-to-juarez-2021-english/ ) and with this brand new record, they confirm how much good I had said about them and their sound. Some Road is composed of 10 beautiful pieces of outlaw country always inspired by the greats of the 70s but also to the vein of the new outlaw country of today that has in Cody Jinks, Ward Davis and in real legends such as Billy Don Burns its major exponents, with whom, among other things, they shared many live shows that contributed to the deserved word of mouth. In the previous article I talked about how this band had struggled over the years to find the right chemistry and the ideal line up, changes of members and direction. But now it all seems to fit perfectly, as in the previous work, the band led by the leader (vocals and guitar) Dejan Knezevic, a balkan from Phoenix, Arizona, makes use of the talent on bass of James “Chief” Yepa, Mark Tomeo to dobro and pedal-steel and Brian Teille to drums, with the addition of a second guitar played by Stephen “Deak” Dietrich. The album opens with a beautiful statement of intent, Livin’ in Sin is outlaw country true in the music, lyrics and sentiment that pervades the piece. A ride in the music that in the 70s invaded the clubs of Nashville, very convincing and fun. The intensity does not subside and I’ve Got Your Six continues in the wake of the first track, pedal-steel and acoustic guitar, countryman’s voice consumed and a lot of passion. Ghosts is a beautiful ballad that brings back the dust of the desert, taste of the old west and here too the intertwining of guitars and pedal-steel likes a lot, with the band slowly growing up to the beautiful solo pedal finale. Very nice and addictive. Another ballad, After We Gray, but this time less powerful, more placid like a river than like a ride along the banks, one of those melancholy and intense country songs that make us love this music. The pedal-steel carpet is the magic touch that characterizes the whole record, Mark Tomeo does an exceptional job. Warmer Weather is an ironic song, when the author understands that the gates of Heaven will not open for him, but those where there is a “warmer weather”, a sunny country song that blends irony and admirable storytelling skills. Besides the convincing voice of Knezevic, I still like to emphasize the work of Tomeo and the rhythmic, really remarkable. Country classic, nothing new, no search for something that is not in their own ropes but a lot of passion and love for what you do and that this music represents. The single and title track is the dust that comes out of the cover of the album, a storm in the distance as trouble that will come, a voice that guides us on this road to a distant horizon. A song that has an aura of epic as in the great country songs of the past, an intensity that grows to become a race on this highway that leads to the unknown but that is the beauty of life. The beautiful album ends with a ballad that knows of the past, the dobro caresses the words that the intense voice of Knezevic tells us, This Letter is that strong story of feelings and real life, which are the essence of independent country music. Music of which Last Train To Juarez are fully entitled, among the best exponents of the new generation. Musicians who have made their bones on the road, among a thousand clubs, maybe small and dusty, but who have forged their sound and helped their passion to become bigger and bigger. They played with legends and word of mouth helped them to grow, now with this beautiful record they deserve to grow even more and they will certainly be there where their music has even more value, among people, to tell stories from the boards of a stage. If you love the country of the past, the one with a western flavor and that tells life stories between a whiskey and a ride, here is the Last Train to Juarez are the band for you and this record bread for your teeth.

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