“Dirt And Stone” – Last Train To Juarez (2021) [english]

Here we are for another trip to American independent country music. And travel is just the right word friends. The leaders of this band, Dejan Knezevic, of clear balkan origins, comes from Phoenix, Arizona and began his career just as one of the artists who inspired him to pursue his career, Cody Jinks. In fact, Dejan started with heavy metal, only to realize that his musical path would be that of Jinks but also of Jamey Johnson, Ward Davis and all the movement called new outlaw country. We said trip because Last Train To Juarez who started their history in 2018 have changed over and over the line up, for artistic choices and various vicissitudes, have tried several times the perfect chemistry. The band led by Dejan had already tried the way of an EP, previous to this, but the result was then discarded, a journey full of difficulties but you know how they said the AC/ DC in their famous song it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. That’s right, they are a perfect example and today with the band finally complete and on the track, this EP will certainly be the beginning of a bright career in the world of independent American music. In addition to Knezevic, vocals and guitar, the group consists of Mark Tomeo on pedal-steel, dobro and backing vocals, Brian Teille on drums, James “Chief” Yepa on bass and Stephen Deak Dietrich on the other guitar. The EP begins with the first single, Bike Weed and Whiskey and immediately makes clear the musical direction of the quartet. A fantastic country outlaw to sing and dance, fantastic work of guitar and pedal-steel, a song very inspired by the country of the 70s and convincing. The voice of Dejan Knezevic seems born for this music, we are at the first of the 7 tracks and we are already convinced. The rustle of a stylus on the vinyl introduces us to the wonderful ballad Outlaws, western flavor, a very Texas song even if the guys come from another land, will find many fans among those who love those sounds. I emphasize Tomeo’s performance at pedal-steel, a country flavor of other times that struck me a lot. The title-track is also a ballad with a melancholy flavor, the voice of Knezevic guides us skillfully in this slow ride at sunset, between the dust and the rattlesnakes. Beautiful. Ten is also country but more sunny than the previous ones and is another showcase for the strong and convincing voice of the leader. There are all the ingredients for a fixed presence in the radios that love to shoot real country ballads played with heart and passion. The EP ends with Still The One, a long track, a country song also inspired by the 70s, another nice ride this time faster but always with the flavor of the west and its magical desert in the background. Seven convincing and hopeful songs for a bright future, you know the way to success through live and word of mouth is tough, but it is always full of satisfactions if you have the passion and talent of artists like Last Train To Juarez. A word of mouth that will certainly be helped by the tour that the guys will undertake with the legendary outlaw Billy Don Burns, a true legend of country music and not only American. It only remains to advise you to discover this great Arizona band and to do a huge good luck to Dejan Knezevic and his Last Train to Juarez.

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