“Highly Flammable” – Heart Of Pine (2019) [english]

The peaches of Georgia, those evoked by the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with their flavor and their vitamins: here’s what we find in the body of these four top level musicians (Steven Bagwell: vocals and guitar. Curt Spell: percussions. Burton Hood: electric bass. Travis Richardson: guitar and vocals) named after Heart of Pine. A record that is a real surprise and lightning in the clear and serene sky of Athens, a town east of Atlanta: a class and quality southern rock that is direct legacy of the above mentioned bands but that never gives the feeling of already heard or banal. Just listen to the opener Evangeline, with his southern guitar riff and that full and evocative voice to forget that we are in the presence of a record debut: windows down, sun on the face and wind in the hair, along roads in the Georgia countryside and a perfectly wedged solo. A record without sagging, everything perfect, everything exactly in its place: listen to the opening of the piano and guitar of Demons, here is some real talent and an ear for exceptional production… that lead us to a question: but where have they been so far? And why doesn’t the music business celebrate this work as one of the rock and southern rock records of 2019? Old Soul is an evocative and exciting semi-ballad, with the guitar that accompanies us under the peach trees, with the hammond organ that acts as a carpet, a wonderful carpet with a very Allman flavor. Captivating and to listen to and listen to Ghost Town, one of those songs that come in the ears and never come out again, a song that would have made Ronnie Van Zandt proud (the late leader of Lynyrd Skynyrd). Paraphrasing the title of the album, a “highly flammable” sound to listen to and listen to in loop, as the final solo, with the inspiring fathers always present and a that of country rock, a flavor of Texas BBQ that peeps out here and there. Beautiful! The acoustic guitar that accompanies us in the introspective ballad All These Years lowers the tones but not the quality, the arrangements always make the difference and the sound is crystal clear, a slow radio, but only for the radios that we would always like to listen to, those that transmit real quality music. A surprising work: a truly remarkable debut. Not a misplaced note for a band that we hope will be left free to express its value, able to find a distribution to match your talent. We expect them not to be relegated to the anonymity or undergrowth of the American songwriter, as unfortunately happens too often. Listen to the album in one breath and, arrived at the final and exciting Four Feet Deep, we are sure that you will want to start the journey through the streets of Georgia, maybe biting a peach with such a sweet southern flavor.

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