“Amanda Raye” – Amanda Raye (2019) [english]

The United States for songwriters and musicians who want to make their artistic life their own is a true paradise. Even small towns have their own club where to perform, the possibilities are not denied to anyone if they happen to be around Nashville the opportunities are almost endless. If then you have the talent to write songs and a really great voice like Amanda Raye, here you are really at an advantage. It will not be an easy life, you have to start from the bottom, making a name in the live circuit is not so easy but the satisfactions will not be lacking. I met Amanda through the many connections that the network offers, common knowledge thanks to the independent artists that I discovered and I was dazzled by her voice, a real enlightenment. It could make even a normal song unforgettable, let alone the beautiful songs she writes. I have always loved listening to jazz with soul shades, in the club, I’m the one to listen to relaxing thoughts and savoring the notes. The voice and style of Amanda Raye is just so jazz in the depths of the soul, soul in the delicacy of her music but with a very classic country background, which is probably the legacy of her influences. She has an intense life, she is a mother as well as an artist and so it isn’t easy to live a tour in the clubs of Nashville, but her name deserves to be among the best performers in the city. This debut of 7 tracks is from 2019, so not a novelty but it is necessary to know. I point out that since then 4 singles have been released one more beautiful than the next, which I hope soon to be able to listen in a whole album. (The last release is fresh. It is a new cover of the song Watermelon Sugar, found on Harry Styles most recent record and a beautiful piece that is the quintessence of what is the music of Raye, an intense soul played with the spirit of a jazz piece and the soul of a country piece). We come to these seven pieces that this beautiful young woman gives us and I start by giving merits because there are no covers, they are all autograph pieces and this increases the esteem for the artist because already from the first, You Can’t Forget Me, the quality of the pieces impresses. The title seems to be a prelude to what you will think at the end of the record, you can not forget this voice. Beautiful delicate guitar solo set in the center of the piece, a brilliant touch. Even more jazz flavor in the next Baby Stay, one of those sweet and sensual pieces that only jazz soul can give, imagine yourself in a smoky club of the twenties and the voice of Amanda is perfect to give you this almost cinematic image. Here is the feeling that most of this record, a journey through time between vintage notes, strong feelings and sensations like you were in a black and white movie. Regrettably slightly deviates from the cloth felt so far, light taste of country author that hovers, her voice is the extra march and guides us wisely in this journey between regrets and melancholy. Delicate sounds and only hinted, gives the beautiful voice of Raye the space that it deserves. On Sometimes (Barb Cares) her’s is one of those voices that are enough alone to make the song successful. Suspicions is my favorite and it’s also the single released on this record, a South American jazz rhythm piece that Amanda’s voice drives with wisdom and intensity. I would listen to it over and over again, beautiful! I imagine singing it in front of a few close friends in the beautiful Café Central in Madrid, it would be perfect. The album ends with a bonus track and that is Rosie’s Song, a rhythmic piece based only on the voice, roots and soul. Short but intense, as well as this splendid record. A convincing debut, a record that should be appreciated and tasted without haste as a beautiful jazz concert, an intense voice with the character of soul and the south of the States and that the recently released singles confirm. A girl who deserves to be one of the most requested voices of Music City, if you want to discover a voice that you will not forget easily make your own this wonderful record and run on Youtube where there are some of her performances that will make you appreciate even more, because you know live is the real test bed and she surpasses it greatly. Although it must be said that even from the studio she has managed to capture the feelings of a live club, energy and sensuality. Well done Amanda!

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