“See Where The Night Goes” – Goodbye June (2022) [english]

We leave my beloved independent country and we travel fast towards friends rock shores! Oh yes, because this Nashville trio is pure energy, fun, talent and a lot of speed. In recent years in the wake of the success of Greta Van Fleet, who had amazed the world with their debut but who are a bit lost between banality and mainstream, A lot of bands were born that were inspired by the sound of Led Zeppelin but also mixing the immediacy and roughness of AC/DC and the groove of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet, to show the world that rock was alive and well. With inspiring fathers of this level, if you have the talent of Goodbye June the result can be explosive and in fact this See Where The Night Goes is composed of 11 pieces that whizz fast and electric like an old seventies hard rock song. You will not find pop inserts or refined arrangements, but a lot of passion and little desire to slow down (except in a few cases) and we can certainly say that their third album is an evolution towards the high quality of songwriting and we can’t wait to see them on tour with Whiskey Myers and Shane Smith and the Saints in these months. The band as I said is a trio formed by the crazy voice of Landon Millbourn, the rhythm guitar and the bass of Brandon Qualkenbush and the lead guitar of Tyler Baker. The 3 are cousins and have been playing together since 2009, so they have now held thousands of concerts up and down the premises not only of Nashville and their harmony is even greater given the kinship. The name of the band has a tragic and important inspiration for Baker, in fact it was chosen after the death of his brother in an accident in June and from 2017 year of release of their first album Magic Valley have not stopped, in an escalation of success that now industry magazines indicate as a real crack to follow without hesitation. And they really deserve it. Trust me! They have already played in Europe with a tour that has touched all major European states and have also already climbed the UK genre charts (even with the album I’m talking about) and have also appeared in the soundtrack of a video game. Press play and you will be invaded by a river full of rock and roll and electricity, Step Aside is based on the wild rhythm of the guitar but also on the powerful and incisive voice of Millbourn, you can not stand still, I warn you! The bumps and speed changes are fully inspired by the sound of AC/ DC, basically rock is this and we like it so. The title track looks like a piece straight out of a jam session with Angus Young, the feeling is the same, the desire to jump and have fun the same but compared to Australians, Goodbye June have a lyrical ability and an intense feeling that the rock of their inspirers did not have but the murderous riffs have the same flavor. Breathe and Attack is a piece with a southern rock soul with a melody that does not take prisoners but it is still the voice that amazes, a bit Bon Scott a little Robert Plant first way. A real find. Take a Ride live could blow more than a few hearts, a hard rock ride with a tight rhythm, the guitars scratch the air non-stop and you might need a break after much jumping and in fact comes What I Need, a ballad with almost country feeling, On the other hand, the boys come from Nashville, convincing and not banal. The lyrics are not pompous but sincere and the piece helps to soften a little the electricity of the previous pieces that had devastated the air. After taking a breath, the rhythm slowly increases as in Stand and Deliver, a song whose electricity explodes in the chorus, no fancy trips, no useless attempt to amaze the listener. Direct riffs and so much talent, the secret is all here as in the title of Three Chords. These three guys do not upset the spirit of the music they play, hard rock is simple but do not forget that without the talent, which have in great abundance these 3 cousins, you risk ending up like many bands that have tried but that no one remembers anymore. The album ends with Black mixing an admirable almost blues rock riff to electricity that we have tasted so far, the riff is exceptional, the work of the guitars is remarkable and I won’t tell you anything more about Millbourn’s voice, I would be repetitive but really deserves to be heard. A record that does not claim to be busy or to be looking for new musical horizons and arrangements never heard, but that shows that rock has no intention of dying and that its recipe is simple : melody, energy, electricity, passion and desire to have fun. It’s all here and if you love AC/DC rock, the spirit of that music and its energetic discharge continues, Goodbye June are the band you’ve been looking for, add them to your playlist, roll down the windows and run on the streets of their rock and roll.

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