“Memphis to Mexico” – The Comancheros (2022) [english]

Today the Trex Road deviates from its usual route. I usually talk about independent country and its immense park of artists who are just waiting to be known even in our latitudes. Our journey today touches the shores of southern rock, that music that since its origins has fused the passion for the music of the roots, blues and country, rock (both English and American) but also soul. Just make a few names of the most famous exponents of the genre to understand what I’m talking about : Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more recently Whiskey Myers, Steel Woods, Blackberry Smoke and Georgia Thunderbolts. At the center of the viewfinder usually there are powerful guitars, electric and full of character, Southern feelings and a lot of passion, influences ranging from the classic country of Willie Nelson to rock and roll street : here is the recipe for these 3 guys from Columbia, Missouri is all here. A simple recipe, a recipe that works when in addition to the mere talent you add sincerity, that desire not to submit to any fashion to accommodate sales, self-production of quality and desire to entertain. I met Comancheros by pure chance, as always happens to me, an American friend had released their song and I was electrocuted. The title of their first album of 2018, Heavy & Western, was too intriguing not to investigate, my two passions the western and the rock and roll. 8 explosive pieces that didn’t take prisoners, followed in 2020 by the equally beautiful Too Old To Die Young. The band consists of 3 elements as I said before, as they used to do in Swinging London of the 60s and 70s, the most influential rock bands of those years were a trio : Cream, Taste and Jimi Hendrix Experience to say the most famous. Tanner Jones on vocals and lead guitar, Jon “Deere” Green on bass, vocals and slides, and Bobcat Cook on drums. An explosive trio that deserves to be discovered. As I write, just to confirm the very British rock influence in their sound and their spirit, I am on tour for some dates in the UK and I hope one day I can watch one of their fumigant live. Memphis to Mexico is composed of 7 tracks of pure southern rock guitar as you can understand when you play the first single, Old Mexico, do not be fooled by the title is not a tex-mex piece but a song supported by fat and sharp guitars and a pressing rhythm. The voice is rocker consumed and the groove immediately takes, with the ingenious touch of the organ, played for the occasion by the great TJ Lyle (singer of the Georgia Thunderlbots and artist of great level). The second track, Shoot Me Down, is guitar, it’s rhythm but above all it is the slide that immerses the sound in the South of the States. In this song the slide is played by Doug Phelps and the choirs are producer Richard Young, a well-played piece to listen at full volume maybe whizzing with the windows down in an on the road like those of the movies. A little AC/DC a little Blackberry Smoke. Live these tracks will burn more than one stage and will also be more engaging for sure. If I Was a Cowboy, it slows down the speed but not the intensity of the record. The intense and powerful voice accompanies us in this rock ballad supported by the strength and electricity of the guitars, the rhythm always on the piece and the beautiful organ of TJ Lyle that introduces a guitar solo of sparkling beauty. Perhaps the most beautiful piece of work. Exciting the rhythm of Yellow Roses, you want to dance and imagine us at their concert but what about Happy Birhtday To Me? The 3 boys have assimilated the lesson given by the fathers of hard rock and southern and give us an irresistible riff like the AC/ DC period with the unique and inimitable Bon Scott to the voice. One of those funny songs that you wish didn’t end after just 4 minutes. Blue Yodel in G is pure southern rock, well written, well played and with a production that enhances the rhythmic intensity. The guitar scratches the air with killer riffs and the voice is really the icing on this rock and roll cake. The album ends with a beautiful country ballad, just to remind that the southern influences are there, If I Could Pick A Way To Go is a classic country song accompanied by the sound of the slide and a beautiful convincing voice, acoustic guitar and old west flavor. A perfect way to end a really nice, fun and engaging album that will take you on the streets of American rock of the South, that rock that crosses deserts, swamps and peach plantations but that does not forget its English influences. A band, the Comancheros, that has made its bones in numerous live, opening concerts of legendary artists such as Randy Rogers and Alabama, and that is destined to increase in popularity among fans of southern rock with this new work and with concerts to come. We wait to see where their talent will take them and in the meantime we turn up the volume and enjoy this trip from Memphis to Mexico.

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