TOP 10 of 2023 by Trex Roads [english]

It’s that time of year!

The time when you draw up rankings: the best, the worst, the best sellers and so on. In addition, today we also bring streaming services with listener statistics.

So, also this year Trex Roads will leave you with its TOP 10 records released and reviewed this year (in total I told you about 44 records!).

A year that will remain in the annals of American independent music!

I advise you the choice was hard, many wonderful records and of course who does not fall into the TOP 10 is not offended is just a game!

In addition, this article will be a special way to thank the magazine that has hosted me for almost 4 years, namely Ticino Notizie: the last article of my collaboration.

I decided, after thinking about it for months and months, to let my blog travel alone, without being part of a magazine, but I hope it will become a reference for those who love American independent music.

There will be many news: you will find me at this address (Trex Roads) and will remain the weekly appointment of a record to make you know, but also interviews with American artists and insiders, in addition to previews of my radio broadcast Trex Music Club on .

I thank with my heart the entire editorial staff of Ticino Notizie that in recent years has given me this space, allowing me to expand my catchment area, helped me and supported me: I will always be grateful and, if you want, when my new book comes out on June 6, I will be available for a nice interview on your pages.

Now I’ll stop chatting and here are my TOP 10 of 2023: you will find the most representative sentence of my review, the link to read it in its entirety and my favorite piece.

TREX’S 2023 TOP 10

  1. “On Your Time”Steel Woods

“He succeeded in this On Your Time to follow up, alone, the vision that he and Cope had in 2016 and he did it in a way that only those who are touched by an extraordinary talent can do” (

track not to be missed: “Devil in This Holler”

2. “Family Ties” – Charles Wesley Godwin

“A poet, a talented musician, a voice that is a gift from Heaven at the service of epic, moving and never banal songs that touch the most beautiful territories of modern American music from country, blues, rock and folk.” (

track not to be missed: “Cue Country Roads”

3. “Crossing Lines” – Tanner Usrey

“A debut that hits the mark and gives the world a record without bass, but only with blinding highs: exciting and sincere lyrics, crazy voice, guitars that give electricity to the soul and a pleasant feeling of an artist who with him talent dictates the rules of his sound, without interference.” (

track not to be missed: “Guns Drugs and Allergy Pills”

4. “Wild Man” – Joe Stamm Band

“A visual wonder that is the perfect starter to the fantastic music, inspired, fresh, engaging and exciting that you will find in 12 pieces of Wild Man.” (

track not to be missed: “Wild Man”

5. “The Crumbs” – Tony Logue

“A wonderful record of an artist who no longer needs confirmation to be called one of the best songwriters that American music has produced in recent years.” (

track not to be missed: “Thundertown”

6. “Wandering Star” – Flatland Cavalry

“A country that takes a bit of the best of all the country of every decade and declines it with skill, confidence and originality, without ever overdo or try to mimic the greats of the past.” (

track not to be missed: “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)”

7. “A Cat In The Rain” – Turnpike Troubadours

“Here I finally talk about a new album of Turnpike Troubadours and I immediately start by telling you that they are really back, indeed the maturity, the tranquility and the poetry with which they guide us and give us these 10 pearls leave us really amazed.” (

track not to be missed: “Lucille”

8. “Won’t Die This Way” – Erin Viancourt

Erin Viancourt is a talent as few are born, it was understood immediately after the 2019 single, but today with this debut we have the certificate of controlled origin, stamped and signed by Cody Jinks.” (

track not to be missed: “Letters to Waylon”

9. “Song in My Head” – Jade Marie Patek

“10 open-heart songs, sincere and not banal poems, enriched by supporting musicians and a production of absolute quality.” (

track not to be missed: “Voodoo Child”

10. “Till The Morning Comes” – The Weathered Souls

“The Weathered Souls is one of those discoveries that you have to share with the world, that every rock lover should know and listen to.” (

track not to be missed: “The Crow”

I remind you that you want to discover other artists you can find on the Spotify streaming service, my playlist “Trex Roads Essentials“( updated every time I find someone who hits me and linked to my blog.

Thank you for reading me in this beautiful and very long 2023, I wish you all the best for a peaceful Christmas and a fantastic 2024, to you and your families.

Special wishes to all the editorial staff of Ticino Notizie.

The greatest happiness for me is knowing that even one of my suggestions made you discover a new artist, so if it happened and you want me to know I’ll wait on my Instagram profile ( or on the Facebook page of my activities (

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’ll my friends!


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