“The Crumbs” – Tony Logue (2023) [english]

It’s only been a year since that Jericho (https://www.trexroads.com/jericho-tony-logue-2021-english/) that had been one of the most beautiful, intense and exciting records of 2022, but here I am again to tell you about an artist who deserves to be among the greatest of American independent music: Tony Logue.

A year seems a very short time, but since that release our Tony has seen his fan base and the number of concerts in which he was required to grow a lot.

So it was an intense year full of satisfactions, a year lived together with his fantastic band, The 184 (named after the room where the plumbing installers of the town of Paducah, Kentucky) that led him to his third official album and to confirm himself as one of the best songwriters on the market at the moment.

As you know by now, his homeland Kentucky is one of the states that in recent years have produced the largest number of fantastic artists and in that list that includes Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, Cole Chaney and many others, among the best certainly there is the name of Tony Logue.

The team is the same as the previous album and in this The Crumbs the production of Sean Sullivan, one who worked for the records of Sturgill Simpson, Molly Tuttle and Tyler Childers in fact, gives the sound of Tony and his 184 a perfect dress.

The recording studio is also the same and the songs with their film stories come to life from Tractor Shed Studios in Nashville.

The 184 are Jason Munday on drums, Derrick Rucker on guitar and Kyle Robertson on bass, but to help these 3 fantastic musicians there are real champions of American country music: Tammy Rogers of the wonderful Steel Drivers on violin, the guitar of Will Kimbrough already appeared on the discs of Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, Mike Rojas and Phil Bronchtien on the piano and organ.

In short, as for Jericho, in the 12 beautiful pieces of The Crumbs the sound is perfect and the talent of these musicians, allows the small films, which are the songs of Tony, to come to life before our eyes and excite us.

There are no tricks, there are no great producers trying to teach you what sells and what doesn’t, there is only one guy with boundless talent.

One who has that ability that great songwriters had to tell stories in a few lines in the way of the first Springsteen or Tom Petty and who, from his beloved Kentucky, is taking turns around the United States, the satisfaction he deserves.

His stories are true, they are those stories that fans of independent music will love and in which they can recognize pieces of their lives and get excited, as I did, listening to this wonderful record in preview.

Just press play and let yourself be carried away by the voice and music of Tony Logue and the journey begins with Thunder Town, a song between rock and folk, a story of independent musicians up and down the American streets between music and loves.

A film like I said and the violin that intertwines the guitars and the organ is poetry.

The solo is a jewel. What a piece!

Paducah, the first single out, it’s rock, it’s country, it’s fucking beautiful! The story is on the way home and Tony’s voice is made to excite us with simple feelings. The guitar work is fantastic.

The title track is an exciting rock track, where the guitars tear the air, as well as the words that Tony sings us tear our hearts.

The hard life of those who work, of those who try to make it, of those who try to find in the soul a reason not to give up and even if fate seems to tell you that for you there are only “crumbs“, you must continue and never stop believing in it.

Creepy, simple and straightforward.

This album deserves millions of streaming, like other artists who are breaking through these days.

Takin Care, more than any other piece, reminds me of my love for the first Springsteen, those true stories told with guitar, harmonica and lots of sweat and passion. It’s all here and Logue paints for you stories to love and make your own.

The stories of rural America are not those of easy lives and when nature gets in the way it makes life impossible and in Killin’ Frost the voice and the lashing guitars tell us this and as if we were in a movie we see these images flowing in front of us.

I wasn’t talking about Tom Petty at random and tell me that in Rust Belt there is no affinity with the way of rock, of talking to the heart, of writing songs of a simple beauty that were typical of one of the greatest of American rock.

The guitar in the ballad The Fire and the powerful and intense voice of Logue take the soul, this is rock as it does today and this guy to the expressive power of this genre has mixed the truest soul of the country.

The support band is pure talent, really performance to frame.

The piano introduces another piece that excites, the ballad The Rolling Stone comes delicate, but the lyrics seem like the story of many independent musicians who have also taken wrong paths while trying with all their soul to make it and live their music. Wonderful. Here too the solo is a gem set in another beautiful piece.

Jesse is the most country of the lot in my opinion and is another film written by a great songwriter and that could be a great screenwriter.

The song has a bitter taste of desert and the story is like this: a raw, real and beautiful western film. The arrangement is perfect and the song that tells the story of the gunslinger Jesse James is a masterpiece, I can not find other words.

A wonderful record of an artist who no longer needs confirmation to be called one of the best songwriters that American music has produced in recent years.

A guy who, although very young, has a well-defined artistic maturity and an ability to write stories that is typical of adults.

One that deserves a worldwide success and to perform in the most important stages.

If you love auteur American rock music, great storytellers, songs that excite and leave something inside you, then buy this record, Love him like I did, and help this boy from Kentucky make himself known to all lovers of great music.

Good listening,

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