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It’s the time of year when you compile rankings and look at the statistics of streaming or sales services, you can’t take it away. So, this year also Trex Roads will leave you with its TOP 10 of the records released and reviewed this year (in total I told you about 34 records!). A truly exceptional year for American independent music! An exceptional year also for the Trex Road that has discovered many new artists and that, I hope, has guided its readers towards the curiosity to discover new fantastic music! I advise you the choice was hard, many wonderful records and of course who does not fall into the TOP 10 is not offended is just a game! Let’s stop chatting and here are my TOP 10 of 2022: you will find the most representative phrase of my review, the link to read it in its entirety and my favorite piece.

TREX’S 2022 TOP 10:

  1. “Tornillo” – Whiskey Myers

“An album that will make you press repeat many times, an emotional journey through quality American music.” ( track not to be missed: “John Wayne”

2.  “Live From an Undisclosed Location in Hays, Kansas” – Ward Davis

“A live that releases energy and poetry, Ward Davis is probably one of the most underrated artists that American music has produced in recent years, one that deserves to sit at the table of biggest and in this concert shows the world what country music and its stories really are.” ( track not to be missed: “Same Kind of Crazy As Me”

3.   “Fortune Favors the Bold” – 49 Winchester

“A band that is taking the deserved flight to the heights of American independent music, thanks to a talent truly out of the ordinary, demonstrated by a splendid record, a real gem from the first to the last note.” ( track not to be missed: “Russell County Line”

4.  “American Heartbreak” – Zach Bryan

“A work that is a real revolution, one of those records that will be remembered for a long time and will be inspiring for other young artists looking for success.” ( track not to be missed: “Whiskey Fever”

5.  “Jericho” – Tony Logue

“Don’t leave out any notes, no nuance, let yourself be accompanied in this musical and poetic journey that is Jericho, a journey through the hard life and strong feelings of Kentucky, you will be at the hands of a great artist, a great voice and a talented singer-songwriter ” ( track not to be missed: “Road to Richmond”

6.  “Tales of the Ole West & Other Libations to Please the Palate” – CJ Garton

“A record that is a small jewel, as I like to define it both for the eyes and for the ears. If you love the music of the people, that country that is inspired by feelings and hard life or if you love the stories and taste of the Old West, then this double is for you and C.J. Garton deserves all your attention and you will love the gorgeous cover.” ( track not to be missed: “Hurricane Chief”

7.  “Rebel in the South” – Creed Fisher 

“A true independent, tough and fearless, Creed Fisher is prolific, writes and records a lot, but does not lower the level of the quality of his music and this is a really great merit and above all does not let himself be influenced by what he “sells” and he only does what he believes in and what his fans expect from him.” ( track not to be missed: “Nashville”

8.  “End of the Line” – Eli Howard and the Greater Good

“A journey between the present and the past of southern music, inspirations that have been examined in a personal way, giving to our ears an explosive mix that attaches to the soul and not the spring anymore, you want to start again immediately and grasp other nuances, other solos and other intertwinings, as well as when you put on a record of another band with the mushroom on the cover.” ( track not to be missed: “Wildfire”

9.  “Waging Peace” – Alex Williams

“This is the outlaw country, a music that speaks of inner demons, of travels and returns from the abyss, of lives at the limit, but of true and lacerating feelings, of sincere confessions and lost and found loves. You will find all this and more in these beautiful and sparkling 12 pieces of independent country.” ( track not to be missed: “No Reservations”

10.  “Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)” – Clete Bradley and the Mood

“A really beautiful record, 10 songs that never tire and that do justice to a really beautiful cover and a brilliant title. Imagine yourself in a historic Texas venue, a fiery saloon of souls looking for excitement and fun, here at the rhythm of these 10 pieces you could not dream of a better evening.” ( track not to be missed: “The Divorce”.

I remind you that you want to discover other artists, besides those of my reviews, you can find on the Spotify streaming service, my playlist “Trex Roads Essential” ( updated every time I find someone who hits me and linked to my blog.

Thank you for reading me in this beautiful and very long 2022, I wish you all the best for a peaceful Christmas and a fantastic 2023, to you and your families. The greatest happiness for me is knowing that even one of my suggestions made you discover a new artist, so if it happened and you want me to know I’ll wait on my Instagram profile (

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