“Reckless” – Morgan Wade (2021) [english]

There are artists whose image could deflect listening, for better or worse, and it would be enough to look at a photo of Morgan Wade and then immediately after listen to his wonderful debut album to understand what I’m talking about. The girl, a native of Virginia is 26 years old and in the photos with those intense eyes and her tattoos appears a bad girl, looks like one of those rockers ready to bite the stage and instead the 10 pieces of his debut exude anything else. They tell of an independent artist, a true poet, a singer-songwriter with an unsettling voice given her young age, penetrating and incisive as her gaze. One who was not afraid to get naked and throw his heart over the obstacle even if the path was difficult and full of dangerous deviations. At 19 years of age she immediately understood that her voice, so strange and almost frightening, must have been given to her to make her feel to the world and thanks to Craigslist formed her first band and the first CD with the Stepbrothers came out in 2018. A nice record but that had not expressed its potential, then the many concerts, the alcohol that accompanied performances and lyrics, to the point of rupture. The point where you are completely lost and decide that the chasm before you is not a solution and therefore rebirth. The sobriety, the lucidity, the voice regains the strength that made her choose the artist’s path. From then on she tells things have always improved, until the meeting that changed her career : one of her concerts is impressed by her music a guitarist of the best in the world of country, Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell). He asks her about demos in which to be herself, he didn’t want to turn her into someone else, like the world of Nashville uses to do with young artists, the new Ashley Mcbride, the new Miranda Lambert, the new next big thing. And so this record was born and its production entrusted to Vaden himself and to Paul Ebersold, a sound technician, out of it are 10 sparkling pieces of rock but also of country, a record that has not only a genre, indeed the skill of Morgan is that the music has its brand, no imposition but only independent country of the best species, that of the generation that has not bent the will of some major but has followed its way. The first piece is already a small classic, Wilder Days, it’s a very rock piece, with a nice Tom Petty riff and her voice that immediately takes the soul of the listener, suffered, intense and straight to the heart. A perfect sound that the production of a rocker like Vaden does nothing but enhance, a bit ’70s a bit ‘alternative rock, a piece destined to last. Beautiful ballad between rock and country Matches and Metaphors, with his lyrics so sincere and disarming, that acoustic guitar to set the emotions of a body on fire, with a numb face. The acoustic intro of Don’t Cry is a shotgun in the chest, with that voice then to tell us to let go, to break and then to be reborn, the guitar and the background of a mandolin to anchor a folk-rock piece to the roots, a really remarkable arrangement, but it’s the acoustics that envelop you before the electric and that voice that doesn’t leave you alone anymore. Beautiful. The almost sunny arpeggio of Last Cigarette goes almost in the background when Morgan enters, a sound always seventies, a lighter rock but the lyrics is powerful, with that reflection on the addiction to love, catchy but not easy to be clear, is a piece built with wisdom and sincerity. Take Me Away is a very country rock piece, with a carpet of keyboards that give it a melancholy aura that accompany the sincere request of those who are alone and try to bring someone into their life. Someone to open up to, to really love us and take us away. The title track is rock, a rock at the Rolling Stones last way but with a touch so personal that it resembles nothing but Morgan Wade, and said of a girl of 26 years at his debut seems to me enough to describe the expressive power. The solo is a really exciting touch, almost to tear apart the feeling of the record, to explode a work so intense, sincere and unique that it is almost a sin to go to the end. The ballad that closes the record, one of those we have heard so many times sing in live streaming, is a wonderful showcase for an exceptional voice, unique and sticking to the soul, a storyteller of the real ones. A record that is the work of a sparkling talent, an admirable fusion of rock and country influences, folk and songwriting, without ever getting lost in the street, without ever appearing weak or without inspiration. An exciting debut that leaves that pleasant feeling of wanting to listen to everything while waiting for the new record of a girl who has everything to stay among the “adults” and still amaze the world with his next steps. Fans of quality music, the one that is not trivial but that always leaves you something, Morgan Wade is the bread for the teeth, do not miss it.

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