“A Long Way From Your Heart” – Turnpike Troubadours (2017) [english]

I make amends, I have to. I never told you about one of the most talented and explosive bands of American country rock, rather to be precise and picky red dirt country. A genre that takes its name from the red soil of the homeland where it was born, Oklahoma even if then it has also developed in neighboring Texas, where it seems that all the quality music linked to the country meets. A band that has become cult and reference for a state and for a genre and has exported all over the United States these sounds, climbing charts and exploding even abroad even if with difficulty since it is a music so much linked to the land and the people of the place (over the years they have also played in our country). Turnpike Troubadours, formed in 2007 in the same year also founded their own label Bossier City Records for which their 5 records have been released. An escalation of popularity but also of maturation in the sound that reaches its peak with this wonderful farewell record by their audience released in 2017. A farewell because after 12 years in May 2019 the 5 guys (then became 6 with this album) have decided to dissolve the band and devote themselves for now to something else. A shame really but we hope that sooner or later the lure of their audience will be so strong as to decide to retrace their steps. Their sound is the most pure red dirt you can find in the music, the perfect example to know this genre, an explosive mix of country and rock, passion and feeling, desert dust and desire to live and have fun, poetic lyrics and quality music. A 12-year evolution that has led them to this 11-track, 11 country gems that you will want to listen to and listen to, if you love the genre you will love it, if you don’t know it you will discover a genre that will break into many hearts. The real secret of their sound is the violin of the great Kyle Nix, a genius of the instrument and singer-songwriter of value (I report the release of his solo album that absolutely deserves to be discovered, Lightning on the Mountain and Other Short Stories, 2020) but the whole band is a monolith from the vocals and guitars of the leader Evan Felker, from the bass of RC Edwards, to the guitar of Ryan Engleman, from the drums of Gabe Pearson and to the permanent addition in this pedal-discsteel by Hank Early, which adds depth and intensity to an already very full and exciting sound. Start the first track The Housefire and you’ll never stop, the violin and the guitar accompany the voice in this ride between country rock and folk, the production of Ryan Hewitt (Avett Brothers and Lumineers) does not water down their character rather leaves free rein to the talent and feels, a perfect sound intense and engaging. Something To Hold On To is even more rock, the guitar scratches and the pedal-steel guitar responds great, a nice weave but also the inserts of Nix and his magic violin are not far behind. The western flavor of the songs is very strong, The Winding Stair Mountain Blues is a wonderful song that in that western flavor its strength, a fierce ride in the Grand Canyon and the addition of the pedal-steel sound is increasing this fresco that stands out before the eyes and that does not seem to wane when it starts Tornado Warning, another piece of strong and dusty character. Beautiful with the guitar that grates the air and pedal-steel that softens, fantastic. But there is also room for ballads, like Pay No Rent, almost a distant flavor of the sound of Waylon Jennings and the outlaw Texan movement, melodic and intense that the beautiful voice of Felker embellishes with a wonderful performance. The instruments are all one, all protagonists and each gives a fascinating side to all the pieces, as in The Hard Way that starts with an intro rock but then deviates decisively to a nice piece of country eventful, the electric guitar duo-pedal steel is of a very rare expressive force in American music, a pity that it is a record that will not have successors. The best piece of the lot for me is the final duo : Oklahoma Stars, a beautiful dedication to their land, an exciting and heartfelt ballad, a country that tastes classic but not stale indeed has the scent of a modern sound that has drawn inspiration from the greats of country but also from the cult bands of red dirt like Cross Canadian Ragweed. Finally the album closes with Sunday Morning Paper that starts with an acoustic intro and voice, almost like a folk song but slowly develops and becomes a country rock with a strong character almost honky-tonk, the whole band participates and it is there to tell us that you are listening to the best that red dirt country can offer and the short violin solo is sound wonder embedded between the keyboard and the electric scratches of guitars. Wonderful closing of a really beautiful record, perfect in its simplicity, produced without frills and played with talent and passion. Do not hesitate to listen to it and if it strikes you then it is obligatory to listen to the previous four albums, no drops, no missteps, only 5 guys with crystal clear talent and strong passion for music that warms hearts and soul.

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