“Honky Tonk Confessions : The Final Chapter” – Mickey Lamantia (2021) [english]

I’ve always loved country, classic, lively honky-tonk, funny but with that melancholy aura enlivened by pedal-steel and violins but with electric guitar scratches. Here I love even more the independent artists, those who make it through hard work and passion and have no major to push them on the radio or in people’s homes. There are only them, their music, live shows and word of mouth. Here Mickey Lamantia was one of the first real independents I discovered through Social two years ago, a record discovered by chance through American friends and…shock! His 2019 album How Far Would I Fall (about which I told you here https://www.trexroads.com/how-far-would-i-fall-mickey-lamantia-2019/ ) had struck me a lot and after we got in touch, after my article, I had conquered the person who is Mickey. An artist but first of all a real man, a worker and an exceptional soul, well aware that his music can take off for his talent but also and above all for his fans, for the love that they show him (and the streaming and digital shopping charts are there to prove it every day). Not a fan base but a real family, which I pride myself on being a part of, which has also distinguished itself for truly exceptional charitable initiatives. Mickey works as a prison guard for 60 hours a week, a hard, demanding job that makes this series of 4 wonderful EP, Honky Tonk Confessions, an almost incredible result for an artist who is not a full-time musician but has now become one. A talent late in the limelight but that from raw is revealing in all its glittering beauty, thanks to its lyrical abilities, but also to his relationship with the legendary producer Buddy Cannon who helped him in this process of maturation and awareness of his means. Not to mention the presence in the backing vocals of Buddy’s daughter, Melonie, who is an exceptional singer and seems born to sing with him or Melonie’s sister, Marla, author of fine songs. In short, an all-star of outlaw country that manifests itself in all its beauty in these 4 chapters : 26 songs, some covers but all small jewels of real country. This Final Chapter is the conclusion of a journey started in 2020 and is the only one with 8 pieces instead of 6. Here we immediately clear the field from any doubt : are 8 small masterpieces. Just press play and starts The Toast, which was released as the first single, a country ballad exciting and melancholy, the voice of Lamantia is intense and deep, leaves a mark in the soul and the text is one of his most successful. A dedication to American heroes, from Pat Tillman football star who gave up everything to go to serve his country to American Sniper Chris Kyle, beautiful and heartfelt. It starts off great but the next Ladies Love Outlaws is even better if possible, it’s a cover (the song was written by Lee Clayton and sung by the great Waylon Jennings, 1972) but what cover my friends! A mouth-watering country outlaw, funny, with an exceptional sound and what about the participation of the legendary Jamey Johnson in the second voice and Melonie Cannon in the third? It’s not enough to describe it, if you love country is a must! To listen and listen to. The song that started it all, namely Honky Tonk Confessions is another piece of country music, written by Marla and Buddy Cannon together with Lamantia, all perfectly wedged and produced by Bill Mcdermott (co-production with Cannon) helps in all this glitter of 100% country sound, pedal-steel piano and guitars, a joy for the ears in love with this sound so classic but so damned current. Numb starts with an almost epic intro, with the guitar arpeggio but it’s the voice that breaks in to steal the scene, a song with almost western flavor, with Melonie’s counterchant that perfectly matches the lead vocals and the two harmonies ride together a song in which the music and the rhythm are almost a dusty carpet of two voices that excite the listener. Do you love outlaw country? The one of the glorious ’70s? The one that smells of old but has in modernity the extra march? Here’s Things That Daddy Said where the guitar scratches the air and the rhythm gets busy, honky tonk gentlemen!! To sing and dance, nothing built, nothing artificial just so much passion and talent, where the band is one with the voices and nothing is out of place. Not even a second of this record is superfluous. The following If I Don’t Die Before I’m Dead lowers the temperature but not the intensity, a ballad of those that few can now write and the presence of a voice like that of Melonie Cannon does nothing but enrich an already beautiful song, exciting in his text so true and sincere. Goosebumps my friends. Another song other strong emotion, Lamantia sings Let Go Let God for those who have lost someone, for those who struggle the lack of a loved one and must look up there when seeking comfort. A piece written in four hands with Marla Cannon-Goodman, inspired by a tattoo of her sister, gives yet another performance of a voice that we thank you for having discovered and that if on the contrary you do not know you absolutely have to remedy. The beautiful record closes with Don’t Do As I Do (Do As I Say) another piece of true country, inspired lyrics and a lot of passion, a piece that is a bit like all this album indeed like all 4 these jewels of outlaw conuntry. A journey that lasted 26 songs, without fillers, without drops of inspiration but with a certainty if you are looking for a country voice to love and that tells you true stories but that is like one of us, a family here you have found it. If you then add an almost perfect production and a voice that accompanies him as that of Melonie Cannon and author appearances as that of Jamey Johnson or Marla Cannon-Goodman, then you shall have one who deserves to be among the greatest of his kind today. We look forward to the next chapter of his career just started in practice (his debut is the EP The Dash 2015) but already exceptional.

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