“The Long Odds” – Jive Mother Mary (2019) [english]

In the States the bands are still born the old-fashioned way, and then they have the opportunity to grow and give vent to their talent: friends from a lifetime, a thousand trips in the van and a thousand concerts in smoky bars for two-money. Jive Mother Mary come from North Carolina and they are all this. A group of friends who play (yes, they play!) together for over 12 years. They play southern, a dirty sound, with a predilection for melody and a voice that leaves its mark. Just press the play button of our player, and start a groove destined to stay in our ears for a long time: Look at Me Now (Good God Amighty), melodic but with a killer riff that the wonderful voice of Mason Keck (who is also guitarist) is an excellent start.  Jive Mother Mary’s muse inspirers are the fathers of the genre: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, but also Led Zeppelin, for that ability to never leave out the harmonies that enter your ears. The other members of the band besides the aforementioned leader are Tyler Schulz on the other guitar and vocals, Keith Ingalls on electric bass (the group’s newest member) and Seth Aldrige on drums. Jive Mother Mary have assimilated the experience and the way to play real and live by the artists with whom they shared the stage in these years: Blackberry Smoke, The Steel Woods and Grand Funk Railroad, too. True legends, that makes us understand the respect that they enjoy, rightly, among the insiders. Burning Up The Highway is based on the dirty riff and a perfect rhythm, the guitar scratches the air while the choirs and keyboard give it a southern flavor and, as used in that south so dear to the Allman brothers, the solo fits perfectly. When we talk about groove and melody the most striking example is the title track, a sunny piece, that american radio will love to shoot at full volume in the hot summers of the Festival in which surely these four guys will be protagonists. Their sound is very personal, the inspirations are the right ones and, just listen to songs like Broader Shoulders or Rabbit Hole, to realize that the classic southern ballad with an unusual melodic touch have their own space and shine with their own light; the second above all is a song that is based on a really beautiful acoustic guitar. Fantastic and evocative Home Is Where The Heart Is, southern rock and love for their land, choirs that accompany a growing guitar sound and capture the ears until the final explosion; probably the top of the record. Plays great music in North Carolina too! Closing with the delicate I Can’t Get To Sleep, inspired and semi-acoustic: wonderful way to finish an excellent record, for a band that has everything to emerge and add its name to the list of the best bands of the new American southern rock. If you love gender, don’t miss it, it’s definitely worth it.

Trex Willer (Claudio Trezzani)  by http://www.magazzininestistenti.it

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