“Live at Southern Ground”- Branden Martin (2020) [english]

There must be something special in the water or in the air in the immense countryside of Kentucky, something that helps poetry and merge with music, because over the years the quality musicians born in this small state anchored to traditions and simple life, were many. Just think that two of the most famous country songwriters of the States today were born here : Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers. Here’s the list we can certainly add this young bearded guy and his fantastic voice from the soul tone, which could very well be on a country disc but also gospel music of Muscle Shoals. An exciting voice that enters your soul, expressive and never banal as his music. This 6-piece EP is the third album by Brandon Martin, an independent artist who is making his way into the radio industry, was recorded live at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville and is a jewel of country acoustic. There is the participation of 6 musicians, six sessions-musicians that make the album almost perfect, there is no need for more in these dry pieces, direct and never banal : acoustic guitar, voice and the cherry that is now a mandolin, now a violin, now the pedal-steel guitar, now the cello. The country sound of the real one, listen to Low Moaning Sound a dusty ride that Martin’s voice skillfully leads through the countryside of his Kentucky, which I must play with the slide style of Audley Freed, guitarist appreciated, makes perfect in its simplicity. Once again I have to help ours in the next The Man I Am and it is that of Randy Kohrs, known and appreciated session-man in Nashville, a splendid ballad of those that are sung in front of a bonfire and a whiskey. The musicians are chosen with care and attention, they add something unique to Brandon’s sound but they seem to have always been there, they are not something fake, put there just to increase its visibility. Another beautiful and exciting ballad with Questions, Pride and Demons (a song featured on the previous 2017 album Thoughts from the Whiskey Bench) that Jenee Fleenor’s mandolin embellishes with a unique touch. The soul voice of Martin is as close as we can find that famous countryman Stapleton and even the ballads of this record reach in quality those of the most famous musician, It is not only the beard that is the same but also the talent and emotions that flow from his notes are the same. The pedal-steel of Adam “Ditch” Kurtz introduces the beautiful honky tonk of Drunk Again, acoustic guitar and narrator voice to dance on the boards of some club in Nashville this wild song, fun and that the production of the usual perfect Kyle Manner enhances, No post-production interventions here you play and sing live like at a concert. Outlaws and Gypsies is another ballad of those that excite and not enough the crazy voice of Martin, the violin of Tammy King is the perfect completion of a successful song, no artifice here you play real country independent. The short but intense work closes with Nothing, with the cello of another great Nashville musician Larissa Maestro, who gives an aura “sad” and very country to a ballad that Martin’s voice usually makes unique. This guy to whom we wish the same luck of his most famous countrymen, has made an almost perfect choice using quality musicians who put the typical cherry on the cake to a record that would still be beautiful. Her voice deserves to be known not only if you love quality country but also if you want to be excited by songs played as if they were on your porch for a private concert. Independent music is now the reference for those who want real music and free talent to express themselves and we can certainly add this name to the artists I have already spoken about, listen to it you will not regret it.

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