“The Likely Culprits” – The Likely Culprits (2019) [english]

The capital of American music, especially country but not only, is universally recognized in Nashville, Tennessee, here are the best producers always looking for talents, the best venues to play and listen to new talents, the best recording studios and there are the best session-musicians. If you’re in those parts you can find some of the best you can find at the Station Inn famous live music club or more cheaply and without getting up from the sofa in this record, small jewel of country, oscillating between the roots, the bluegrass and the American. A band of friends, born in the sessions in the recording studio or playing in the thousands of live shows that have participated as musicians for Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill and I could continue for hours to list legends of American and world music, a super group of exceptional talents that could not churn out a discreet record, but gives us a fresh, current, fun and damn qualitative performance, if you then put that the record is produced by one of the most legendary producers in Nashville, Buddy Cannon, who is also an excellent writer (look online for the songs he wrote you will get an endless list of American hits), here you will have an incredible result. The band of The Likely Culprits consists of : Buddy’s daughter, Melonie Cannon magnificent singer, with an unforgettable voice and present in many country records as backing singer or second voice, as in the recent album by Mickey Lamantia (she is the favorite studio and live singer of Willie Nelson and Jamey Johnson, and this would be enough to certify her as a living legend) but also appreciated soloist, her two records (one in 2004 and the other in 2008 , today almost impossible to find) are two small gems ; Ronnie Bowman, country singer, writer and award-winning producer, in addition to his solo activity we point out that he wrote masterpieces for Chris Stapleton, Lee Ann Womack, Kenny Chesney and produced the debut of the same Melonie Cannon as well as having appeared in the records of John Fogerty and Loretta Lynn; Deanie Richardson , one of the most requested violinists and mandolin players of Nashville, a real talent that has already appeared in the records of Bob Seger, Emmylou Harris, Ry Cooder and Marty Stuart to name a few, a musician with a crystalline talent ; Brandon Bostic, talented electric guitarist but also acoustic and magician of dobro, also present in award-winning records and parts of Nashville is one of the most known session-man ; Ashby Frank, wonderful singer and masterful mandolin player, but also writer and recognized bluegrass artist ; Garnet Imes Bowman, wife of Ronnie but above all famous singer in Nashville, all the artists want her in their records and Buddy Cannon who is a magician of the production of masterpieces has often worked with her, her voice has appeared in the records of Chris Stapleton, Lee Ann Womack and numerous others and finally Austin Ward, perhaps the most requested bassist in the live sessions of great artists and studio. As you understand the band is an all-star of Nashville country, the best of the best, here these artists met working for years and years in the capital of music and now in addition to being great friends and colleagues, are also an exceptional band that we are sure will have done and will set fire to the locals with its sound, an explosive cocktail that will not leave you indifferent if you love these sounds but will make you fall in love if you do not know them. Begins the first song, Papa Come Quick (Jody & Chico) by Bonnie Raitt, and the powerful but also sensual voice of Melonie invades the speakers with a fantastic honky-tonk that the violin of Deanie Richardson makes almost perfect, but it’s the whole band that seems one thing, A real country monolith that enjoys entertaining. All the songs should be mentioned, like the beautiful Gravedigger by Dave Matthews, that Brandon Bostic plays and sings in a wonderful, exciting and elegant way, or Tennessee Blues that Garnet finally got to record after singing it for years at the Station Inn and doing it great, a really intense slow country. A really surprising record that has a little gem in the cover : there is the band that obviously appears among the defendants of a trial, there is actor Ron White to be a lawyer, producer Buddy Cannon is the bailiff on the left but above all we see the thick hair behind Judge Jamey Johnson, who could not miss the record of his favorite band with his favorite session-artists and recorded under his record company ( Big Gassed Records with Euphony Records). Unfortunately in our area you can find it only thanks to digital services, being a quite unique and very American record, but let me advise you and go on the safe, it will definitely be worth the expense, too bad not to be near the Station Inn, where this bloody emergency that touched the world of live and independent circuits in Nashville has ended, surely this band will still make fire and flames and listening to this record you will imagine whizzing in boots and cowboy hair on wooden boards that smell of whiskey and smoke, dancing non-stop, fun assured.

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