“Bronc Star” – Matt Robertson (2019) [english]

Being born in the state of Wyoming, which still has the cowboys and their horses, the most important figures for the communities, certainly helped him in his musical and lyrical path and today, after having moved for love in Canada, Matt Robertson is one of the most credible and talented western storytellers country has in its ranks. Arriving at his fifth album, with this Bronc Star he reaffirms his will to celebrate his land and his cowboy nature without distorting the menu of his music. A classic country, dusty, acoustic and dry, no frills. Direct lyrics, poems from bars and saloons, family and horses. The recipe is simple, no special effects or rock drifts, but if you love the real country Matt is the man for you. The cover is already a perfect business card: he and his horse, strength and intensity, wild nature and the man who tries to tame it. Just listen to the first track, Boys From Kaycee, to understand what will be waiting for us in this journey in the mountains of Wyoming, among other places the adventures of Sheriff Longmire, fantastic series of novels by Craig Johnson and beautiful TV series: acoustic guitar tour, dry and direct and the voice intense to accompany us, almost like I was around a bonfire to listen to real life. They’re real, lived-in stories, Matt’s a real cowboy who rode wild horses. He doesn’t tell stories, he plays them. Stories of mothers and rodeos, of dust and nature, of immense skies and intense feelings: from Rodeo Mom to the title track Bronc Star, the album presents us a singer-songwriter as there are few today, who recalls in his approach the well-known Colter Wall, he also came down to the States from Canada, to tell us his stories accompanied only by his six strings and the voice veined with whiskey. Matt is less Johnny Cash and more Aaron Watson first way. His poetic approach that from Wyoming goes up to Lomond, Alberta (Canada), rides in the prairies where only the wind, snow and dust are masters, where the rodeos are the races that the man makes to try vainly to win the wild nature and that finds confirmation in Rodeo Hand, song that closes a record with an ancient flavor, simple but intense. A work that circumscribes its strength in speaking directly to the heart of those who love country and nature that surrounds the fascinating world of cowboys, past and modern.

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