“Something for the Pain” – Casper McWade (2024) [english]

The first review of the new Trex Roads course was to be about an artist who is the quintessence of American independent music.

When this artist’s manager contacted me a few months ago to preview this album, I thought: I found the right disc!

This is not the first time I’ve talked about the great Casper McWade (I had reviewed it here: https://www.trexroads.com/unraveled-casper-mcwade-2020/ ) and, a few episodes ago, I also welcomed him into my Trex Music Club, my broadcast on WCN Radio.

Independent country, friends, in its maximum expression: here, this is Casper.

An artist kissed by a special talent: great author and musician, crazy voice born to tell true stories and a lot of passion.

Passion is the secret to being an independent artist who makes music his life.

Without having a major label behind you or radio stations pumping you, being able to bring home the bread for you and your family, it’s hard and it’s a life full of sacrifices.

But when you have these results, the satisfaction must be enormous and Casper really deserves all the success of the world: a special man, before an artist.

This wonderful Something for the Pain is his fourth work and, without fear of being denied, is his most beautiful, mature and inspired album and is preparing to become, despite we are just at the dawn of this 2024, one of the most beautiful records of the year.

It was born with a crowdfunding that allowed our Casper to record it in the legendary recording studios of Tornillo, Texas: Sonic Ranch Studios.

The location has now become a must for independent artists who want to add magic to their records and, in fact, they often dedicate their albums to Sonic Ranch.

Cody Jinks, Whiskey Myers, Whitey Morgan: in short, the greatest record here and Casper joins the list of legendary records that will write the history of this music.

I would add that the production of the album is by Cody Jinks‘ longtime bassist, Josh Thompson, a great musician and producer with a magical touch.

The album opens with the first single of the album: Songs I can’t Write.

Lashing guitars and the wonderful fiddle of Matt Parks and the pedal-steel of the legendary Cowboy Eddie Long that lead us on the streets of the wonderful music of this artist.

Autobiographical and powerful, this song is a manifesto of quality independent country.

The Cliff, written with another great artist Josh Morningstar, continues in the wake of the first song: the band behind McWade is an all star of independent country.

And they show it every second of this wonderful ride.

The voice is so intense and evocative that you wish it would never end.

The next one, Rather be Lonely, sounds like the soundtrack of a modern western film: another ride where pedal steel drives and rhythm is intertwined with choirs.

The fiddle solo is pure magic.

There is not a song that should not be there or that lowers the intensity of this album almost perfect and just listen to the next Last Piece of You to confirm this feeling, now become a certainty.

Casper McWade leads us with his beautiful voice on this journey that he has made over the years up and down from the stages of dirty and smoky clubs.

The mix of classic country, the golden years of the 70s, and American rock is exciting: you want to call it outlaw country? I call just great music.

Silver Cross is a powerful country ballad, dedicated to the hard life of those who serve their country.

The intensity of Casper’s voice is perfect for songs like this.

The fiddle delivers magic dust with another thrilling solo.

I was talking about the mix between past and modern, smoothie in a personal way: here, the cover of the legendary Merle Haggard, Motorcycle Cowboy is the perfect example.

The guitar that scratches the air is that of Jay Tooke, former drummer of Steel Woods, the southern rock that comes out of the speakers is that of a great artist and the piece is fun, exciting and played great.

Great tribute to a legend of American country. Chapeau!

The ballad These Old Lights, and it is for me a great compliment, could be on a record of the great Cody Jinks.

This is to tell you the greatness of these songs and this album: one so deserves Red Rocks!

Tonight’s vocals and guitar intro is creepy.

A piece of American rock of absolute quality that the violin accompanies on the dusty streets of Oklahoma.

The closing of the album is entrusted to the delicious honky tonk of Go Together, in which the band gives another mouth-watering performance and the voice of Casper makes us feel like we were at a concert of the great Waylon: the feeling is the same.

The solos of Tooke and Parks are sparkling jewels.

Something for the Pain is a record of stunning beauty from the first to the last piece.

Casper McWade deserves to be at the table of the new references of the American independent country together with his friend Cody Jinks and the artists that I introduce you every week.

An artist who must be known and celebrated, who deserves success and who is, first of all, a special person, and I know this for sure, and then an artist as there are few in the American music business.

Don’t wait to listen, buy, share this album that will become one of the highlights of this just started 2024.

I am really happy and honored to have started my new course with such a masterpiece.

Good listening,


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