“Red Eye” – Pecos & The Rooftops (2020) [english]

I always have a special eye when I want to discover new and fresh music towards everything that Texas proposes.  In that place something magical allows the music to be more qualitative, more immediate without being fake, there are different genres that are intertwined and almost always find an artist worth discovering. Since I can’t go to live clubs (well, in this crazy time it would have been impossible anyway) and find out firsthand, Streaming services are a godsend for my musical passion and just scanning one of these services I discovered this very young band from Lubbock, Texas that immediately caught my attention. The name above all, which is nothing but the name of the lead singer and acoustic guitarist Pecos Hurley and the band of friends (Brandon Jones guitar, Zack Foster lead guitar, Kalen Davis bass and Kade Trentham drums) that one day saw the common passion, decided to try his luck and almost as a game (like all the band that do it for passion) released a single in 2019 called This Damn Song.  The game lasted little because the song in question a melancholy ballad and that speaks of broken hearts and ending loves, written with two hands Pecos and Kalen, made a bang and had over 2 million streaming in no time. What jumps to the ear beyond the clean and mature sound, to a very interesting guitar work, the solo is beautiful, is the voice of Pecos Hurley : powerful, intense and convincing. The arrival to this EP was the logical consequence of the success of their first single born almost to “see how it would go” and these 6 pieces that make up Red Eye do not disregard the expectations of the many fans who follow them on Facebook and Spotify. They don’t seem to be a meteor and their sound very inspired by the red dirt country movement, a sort of crossover between street rock and country born between Texas and Oklahoma, seems really mature and defined. We could easily compare them, without being blasphemous or exaggerated, to the first band of the legendary Cody Canada, the cult rock band Cross Canadian Ragweed. Put on the first Yesteryear piece and be captivated by a scratchy guitar sound and the enveloping voice of Hurley, a nice country rock piece with a strong character. Acoustic and electric guitar intertwining, a nice business card, catchy and not trivial. The boys have talent and you hear! The rhythm slows down and with a hint of country tex-mex begins Conociste, a beautiful piece influenced by the blues that the wonderful voice of Pecos raises quality as well as the remarkable work of rhythm and guitars, dragged and enveloping. The best piece is definitely Leave Me Lonely, here the influence of Cody Canada and the sound he basically invented is obvious, text about a lost love written two hands between the frontman and his friend Will Mckenzie, in one of those evenings where sadness, anger and alcohol are the master , guitars that scratch the air and the usual great vocal performance. An EP that you must absolutely discover, a sound that embraces various genres but that is not listed in one, talent and freshness, country rock and blues in a mix really well measured, Red dirt has a new band to show the world and we can’t wait for some independent label to notice these Texan guys to hear them on a full album and maybe recorded in some mythical studio. They deserve attention and if you love quality rock, melody and character are the band for you.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

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