“Quiet, Heavy Dreams” – Zach Bryan (2020) [english]

This guy’s story is very american, very american. Zach Bryan is first of all a military man and for six years served under the Navy, native of Oklahoma is one of the most incredible and exciting musical phenomena of country music and linked to the roots of recent years. A phenomenon born by chance, playing his songs only acoustic guitar and voice in front of the screen of a mobile phone and publishing them on the net. Boom!! Lots of views, sincere appreciation for a skill in writing songs really remarkable, true stories or even fantasy but anchored to reality, life, dreams and even losses. It is precisely because of the loss of her mother, who in 2019 decided to record in a totally handmade disc dedicated to her DeAnn. 12 autograph, biographical, poignant but full of feeling pieces that immediately became viral and reached the right ears. Major record companies and producers, radio and clubs wanted this guy with the clean face and powerful voice in their ranks. Here’s his new manager Danny Kang and a thousand possibilities like playing some songs in the famous Studio A in Nashville, together with the country console magician Dave Cobb. A vortex that usually squeaks the aspiring stars, leads them to commercial shores, for the glossy ears of Nashville all sequins. And instead the good Zach, who until now had always made absolutely personal and anti-Commercial, he continued on this road and gathered friends who had followed him in the home recordings of the previous record and recorded with the help of a laptop 18 acoustic songs, dry and direct. A slap to the commercial but a real success and unstoppable his Elisabeth came out at the beginning of 2020. That record had taken away from everyone the doubt that Zach was just a fortuitous case, the songs were of excellent quality, certainly not easy to listen to, not radio but they entered inside you and now he could quietly sit at the same table that had been Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, Colter Wall or Mickey Lamantia. Artists who are now reference for the independent country, the one that does not need major to reach the public. You know when I was talking about unconventional choices for music business? Here’s this new album with evocative title and jewel cover, it’s just what’s most anti-conventional, released the same year as a successful work and above all it’s an EP. Consisting of only 6 pieces, as you use when trying to start a career and you do not have so many media available. And if you think the whole thing was written and recorded while Bryan was serving with Uncle Sam, then you will understand that the talent in writing this guy’s songs is exceptional, unique. Just listen to the first, Let You Down, one of the two pieces that the artist had already run on Youtube, to understand that the sound is dry but direct, a folk-country storyteller that the home production helps to be free and to enter the listener’s head and not to leave it anymore. There is no lack of elaborate arrangements, the quality of the songs alone is enough to excite the ears, Crooked Teeth the next has a groove that captures, wraps the soul with an appeal from modern medieval minstrel. Wonderful and poignant ballad November Air, with its intense and melancholic voice that guides us to a piece that would have been very well in what he had dedicated to the death of his mother. Birmingham is the other piece that has been playing for a long time on the net and had already had, deserving of it, more than a million views, acoustic guitar scratching the air while Zach Bryan tells us the story of a murder, the violin between the vocals and the six strings is perfect, as is the choir, a beautiful almost western country ride, as the next Travelling Man. The prairie in front of us, the harmonica and the voice, while we run from things we have inside. Beautiful and damned western too, recorded as it was thought, dry and direct but perfect. Nothing is missing. The album closes with the title-track that maintains the level of the disc, a ballad that the artist’s voice makes unique, intense and never banal. Eddie Spear’s production only helped with small details, but it didn’t take away that feeling of singing songs for the family on the porch in front of a bonfire. That feeling that has created the success of this Navy boy, who traveling in his way has conquered the hearts of true country music lovers, without help, without majors and without commercial music experts to divert the goals. To hear and hear, trust me.

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