“3” – Cody Canada & The Departed (2018) [english]

Cody Canada is one of the top musicians of the rock-country movement called Red Dirt, a kind of crossover of rock, blues, country and american styles that originated from its state of adoption the Oklahoma (he Texan by birth) but in Texas the state that best represents its spirit. Cody is an institution and a musician who despite being by definition independent and underground, has a following and a true king success there. I am quite right to add. It has behind the foundation and militancy in one of the most followed and cult independent bands of country rock ‘n’ roll, namely the Cross Canadian Ragweed (which we recommend you to find out if you love blood and real rock), dissolved by Canada itself in 2010. In 2011, along with CCR bassist Jeremy Plato, he formed The Departed, of which he became the leader by adding to the name Cody Canada. A band like the one before, by right in the ranks of the cult bands of Texas and also of the rest of the States, an explosive mix of dirty and direct rock, but also country, americana for some melodic intuitions, with the voice of Cody Canada powerful and credible. This work is the fourth in theory official came out despite the title since it should also be considered Adventus (2012) released under the sole name of The Departed. One day I will also tell you about his solo records, wonderful, or that to date the artistic restlessness of Canada has led him to dissolve even The Departed. But today I will briefly tell you about this wonderful record released in 2018 and that is yet another successful hit by an artist never quite celebrated and unfortunately unknown or almost at our latitudes. If I had to describe the music that comes out of the speakers by putting the record on the plate I would say a personal intersection between the Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty and the country rock guitar Texas-style and the first song is already a small poster. Lost Rabbit is guitars and a nice scratchy riff, the voice of Canada is worn rocker and the groove enters immediately into the ears. The second Lipstick is even more influenced by John Fogerty, the California sun and its atmospheres, the work of the guitars is masterful and the harmonica is set to perfection. But it is the third to immerse us in the country atmosphere, A Blackbird is characterized by the sound of banjo that transforms a semiballad rock in a delicious crossover of styles. Canada’s ability to be original but anchored to the roots and also modern is enviable, then you know he comes from the homeland of quality country rock music and then here’s the super-Texan Daughter of the Devil. An irresistible riff, dusty with that soul southern that drags, a song to listen and listen to and then be lulled by the beautiful acoustic ballad One of These Days , delicate and successful, up to an exceptional cover of one of the most beloved country artists ever, namely Footlights by Merle Haggard. An exceptional western tale, slow ride in the Texas desert accompanied by another voice that is one of the references of Texas music and that is Robert Earl Keane, wonderful artist. The volume immediately rises with Paranoid, a song that seems out of the productions of Cross Canadian Ragweed, riffs supported and effettati, not original but absolutely convincing rocker breed. A true chameleon, good Cody. The album has no downturns despite the songs are 14 and at number 10 we have the best of the lot, a little jewel of American rock quality that answers to the name of Sam Hain, would certainly have made proud the late Tom Petty, guitars and melody scream. Amazing. The next Song About Nothin’ is Texas country to the core but with those shades of sunshine and California that also hovered in other pieces. Particular and original Better,  with the synth that gives it a weird pop-rock soul but it’s just a feeling and then the animated rock of the cover Betty Was Black (and Willie Was White), excellent work of the guitars almost soul-funk. The album closes with 1800 Miles, a ballad animated by the six electric strings and the powerful voice of Canada, the sun is behind the mountains and the darkness peeps out, end of the day and a wonderful album. A work that I highly recommend to discover, influenced by the Texas country but also by the blues but totally original and personal, Cody Canada is a guarantee of quality and in every new form of music never misses a record, one of the most respected and talented musicians of the Texas scene born in the many clubs and in the immense streets of this wonderful state. Long live Texas, trademark of quality music.

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