“Powerless” – Wayd Battle (2020) [english]

A surname that fully summarizes what you will find in the music and lyrics of this debut record. A continuous battle between country and rock, between being a sinner or redeeming oneself, between taking refuge in alcohol and being sober, between melancholy and hope. An album of 13 songs that are almost a synthesis of the career of this artist, is a debut but yes but Wayd Battle is in the business of country music for a lifetime. Always behind the scenes, from great songwriter to producer, from engineer of the sound to guitarist for the greatest of the genre, although probably within himself always had the dream of being ahead, It would have been a shame if he hadn’t let it out. Wayd’s voice is fantastic, powerful and intense, born to do country outlaw but also with that soul touch that does not hurt, able to tell you of finished loves and loneliness but also hope and ride towards the sunset. This left-handed guy from Tuscaloosa, Alabama is very well known in Nashville’s music circles and his best known and perhaps most successful collaboration is with the legendary Jamey Johnson. In fact it was part of the famous The Kent Hardly Playboys that produced and played the wonderful That Lonesome Song (of which I have spoken on this blog  and found my review to this link : https://www.trexroads.com/that-lonesome-song-jamey-johnson-2010/ ), one of the best country records of the last 30 years. In short, not a small thing. Listening to the 12 pieces that make up this work, one wonders why no one has ever noticed that such a voice had full right to be in front of microphones? The roads of life are really endless and strange and without dwelling on what could have been, let’s taste Coal County War. An intense, exciting ballad supported by his beautiful voice and by a piano carpet and keyboards really well stuck. A war of hard work and hard life, mines and poverty, melancholy and so damn true. Here to tell you about this record I am tempted to stop here because already this piece so simple but so sincere and successful, would be enough to deserve more than a listening and to discover an artist who deserves all the attention of the country world. Beautiful country real songs are Holes, with the intensity and warmth of his voice to accompany us supported by a solar movement of pedal-steel and rhythmic, Outlive a song, a melancholic ballad but it is always the voice the march in more. It’s really not believed that anyone ever wanted to produce it or launch it on the Nashville charts. A record that deserves absolute attention and that ends with the title-track, perhaps one of the most beautiful of the 12 songs, oscillating between the country and the ballad of singer-songwriter rock, beautiful electric solo towards the end, nothing invented or original but really well played. We sincerely hope that the good Wayd will not return only to be standing and playing next to someone but will give us other records so true and sincere to appreciate a voice that was one of the best discoveries of this 2020.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

(you can find original italian article in the blog at this link : https://www.trexroads.com/powerless-wayd-battle-2020/ )

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