“Agricultural Tragic” – Corb Lund (2020) [english]

Corb Lund comes from Canada, from Alberta to be precise, and until recently he was a cult musician, one of those who if you went to Canada and asked a local inhabitant who was worth listening to, I’m sure Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans would have answered. Today, thanks to the network, thanks to the friendship with musicians very appreciated in the American country world, to the fact of being a real cowboy, one who lived the stories he tells, It also made a bang in the United States and came to this record after being basically a red dirt musician acquired, that is of that typical country of Oklahoma very influenced by Texas and rock. You almost don’t remember that he’s not American listening to his cowboy music and his life stories. One who worked, rode and toiled during the day and wrote and composed music when others thought to sleep and rest. A struggle that has borne fruit and has now gone beyond being an act of worship only for Canadians, now you love them even more to the south. The album is composed of 12 pieces of country rock very outlaw, the title is explanatory to the stories that Lund wants to tell and does it really well. There are plenty of songs worth mentioning as the gorgeous country rock of Old Men, a celebration of the importance of experience for cowboys, I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey’s dusty and funny guitar ride is irresistible a bit like the honky tonk from the saloon, to dance and taste like you’re in a saloon in the old west. Oklahomans! is a dedication to the movement that, as I said before, has adopted the good Corb and that is the red dirt that in Oklahoma has its pulsating soul, a rock guitar-style embellished by a country flavor and a lot of feeling. It might seem like a piece by Cody Canada and his late Cross Canadian Ragweed that were the band of reference for the movement. Grizzly Bear Blues is the story of the singer’s adventures with his friend Evan Felker (singer of the country rock band Turnpike Troubadours), a sort of guide on what to do when you meet a nice aggressive bear, but it is the solar and fun music that makes the difference, never banal and full of different influences. As usual riff is irresistible. The ballad Never Not Had Horses is a ride accompanied by the violin, a dedication that makes you think of the mother of Lund who comes to old age without having a horse to call his, for the first time in his life, a cowgirl sooner or later must retire… or not? The album has a rockabilly-sounding sound with Rat Patrol, the guitar scratches the air and the story is at least curious, namely that the province of Alberta boasts to be free from mice and the government is strong on this thing, probably should export this skill to other places like New York, Paris or Milan but that’s another story. A convincing cowboy record, with references to blues and rock, a collection of very current work and life stories of the west, a shining example of how in Canada country rock is widespread and important as in other American regions most celebrated for this reason, Corb Lund is a certainty from this point of view.

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