“Nobody Warned Me” – Mira Goto (2020) [english]

If you are a young musician and try the adventure of the professional country musician you have to move to Nashville. This is the story behind this wonderful record. Mira Goto is a Californian girl from Santa Cruz, a beautiful girl with a huge vocal and lyrical talent who in 2016 decided to make the big step and moved to Tennessee but the impact she describes in the title track is brutal, heavy and almost makes her give up. Warm, damp, thunderstorms, insects that haunted her chamber. In short, a nightmare that has helped her to be stronger and above all to make lots of trips to not go home. In his adventure in Nashville, Mira Goto hits producer Ken Caillat, former producer of Stevie Nicks’s Fleetwood Mac, then a connoisseur of powerful and exciting female voices who decides to produce this EP. The months of forced lockdown have increased his fan base and his page with his live from the living room, so in which I discovered this very good artist, are always very popular. The album is composed of 7 solar pieces, funny, a kind of crossover between country, rock with radio air and wind on the face while he is hurtling in the sunny streets of California. Yes the sun of the golden state explodes out of these traces, little humidity and dust of the south but so much passion and desire to be among the great.To realize that Mira’s voice is his true strength just listen to One Step Closer, a very powerful country rock, supported by his uvla and choirs, a very nice and intense ride. The work on the production of the commercial rock wizard, leaves its track, the sound is crystal clear and nothing is left to chance. The Nashville charts are ready to be attacked. The riff of Anybody Else is irresistible, a very funny groove that takes us fast towards the most beautiful track of the record, Next Life. The song introduced by the piano is a very intense ballad enriched by the presence of the beautiful soul voice of the south by Mark Broussard. The touch of the swamp that Broussard’s uvula possesses within itself, makes the beautiful lyrics even stronger. After the pop-country rock parenthesis of Tequila Told Me To, a nice catchy rhythm that will be the perfect soundtrack for bars and saturday evenings in Nashville (and not only), the convincing true debut (actually Mira had already debuted under another name in 2013) ends with another ballad from the beginning melancholy, Circus, but then the voice leads to the sun and the heat of California. It seems country but it turns almost towards the things played by Alanis Morrissette (of which it remembers the strength and the melody) and Sheryl Crow in a decisive way, in a personal way but the inspirations of the music that have raised it are glaring. A good debut that we recommend you to discover, it’s not country it’s not rock, a mix but if you loved the songs of the artists I mentioned and you want a voice to improve a day without the sun of California, here is the record for you. She brings the sun and the will to live.

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