Independent Interview: Wes Shipp

Welcome back to our appointment with Independent Interviews.

Today I’m really excited to introduce you to an artist who has a crazy story of rebirth thanks to music behind him: I now consider him a friend, the great Wes Shipp!

Hi Wes, thanks for being available and for agreeing to chat here for my independent blog. I met you thanks to my social connections, but in the United States everyone recognizes you for your ability and your strength in having overcome difficulties.

Tell us briefly your story: where did you grow up and what experiences did you have?

Hey! Well I grew up in South Florida.

Grew up playing bass in some metal bands.

Started playing guitar and singing when I was about 15. I was a trouble maker for the most part haha.

An encounter changed your life, or rather a video posted on social media. Tell readers who don’t know you what it’s about.

I was homeless, hopping freight trains & hitch hiking to get around.

And wound up in Arkansas in front of a Walmart where this guy took a video of me playing “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” by Riley Green on a little Silvertone guitar.

The video wound up getting a lot of attention and definitely helped fuel a desire to make a dream a reality.

At what age did you start writing music? What were your influences? Your reference artists?

I didn’t start writing until about 2 and a half years ago.

I had a few influences when it came to writing: Dean Dillon, Bob McDill, & Ward Davis are three to name a few.

 You have only a few singles and a wonderful acoustic live show with the great Kentucky singer-songwriter Jason Evans. Do you have any plans to release an album? Or are you recording it?

I’m in the process of writing more songs at the moment.

I feel like I’m almost ready to compose an album.

Just finding the right time to do it and having the right songs is the focus for all that.

Independent music is experiencing a magical moment in the United States, who are the artists you like the most? Have you already had other collaborations, besides the one with Jason?

I’ve had collab with Billy Don Burns and Whey Jennings as well that are on streaming platforms. Both great artists.

Some of my favorite out right now are Brennan Edwards, Chris Huntt Jr, Hunter Flynn & Jake Worthington.

What’s your favorite song all time? The one you wish you had written?

There’s a few I’d pick depending on what day of the week, I’d have to say one “Miami, My Amy” (Kevin Whitley).

What’s it like knowing that thanks to streaming services, your music can reach the whole world? Have you ever thought about trying to cross the ocean?

It’s crazy to know anyone 100 miles from me has heard my music, let alone someone in a different country.

And yes, planning on getting my passport very soon!!

Thank you guys so much for listening & hope to see you down the road!!

Thank you Wes for your availability and I remind you to go to his website, the address of which you will find at the end of the article, to follow him and to stream his music.

Good luck and thank you for what you do and represent for independent music.

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