“For ‘Ol Time Sake…” – The Western Sizzlers (2013) [english]

Ok it’s not a new record, it’s already been 7 years but friends trust me if you want a record of people who can play like god commands, you love the southern rock of the States, the genre called southern, the one that also has so much taste of country and cowboy, the one to dance in the saloons (there are also some in our latitudes now). Here is this For ‘Ol Time Sake is the record you need to enliven your evenings! These musicians do not invent anything but the sound is as American as you can imagine and you will be amazed, listening to it, knowing that the group is more english than american since the two creators of this divertissement are Kevin Jennings and Rick Richards, former producer and former guitarist of the Georgia Satellites, english with the soul redenck but especially friends of the great Charlie Starr, lead guitarist and singer of Blackberry Smoke, I mean, one of the biggest American rock bands of the day straight out of Atlanta, Georgia. Add to the guitars also the son of the legendary Steve Marriott, Toby here you will have a band of respect that but has fun working and great. All this was born from a sleepless night of Jennings, quarrels with his girlfriend and drunk, but of those that then leaves you a refrain in your head when you wake up, a draft of text and that little music that does not go away. The next phone call with his friend Starr who yells at him to record it was born One More Beer, evocative title and that groove that never leaves you again. Funny rock with southern soul and splash of country. Try to stand still while you listen to it, beautiful in its simplicity. A work of 12 pieces with a cover that is a tribute to the other passion of Jennings and that is the Status Quo, an english monument to rock and roll party, with Break The Rules. Very successful tribute I would say and just the english band you think when you listen to the Sizzlers maybe after a session with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Highwaymen. There are no masterpiece pieces, but you really play here, dirty riffs and tight rhythmic and although at the time Starr’s Blackberry Smoke, were only at the beginning of their success (they had just released one of their best records The Whippoorwill), a song like Keep Smilin’ could easily be mistaken for one of their songs so strong is the southern flavor. He swerves to the dusty plains of Texas with Sugar Pie, just to make it clear that the love for the music of the South of the United States is 360°, but then starts the killer riff of I’ll Die a Happy Man If It Kills Me and you find yourself dancing in a wild way to the room as when listening to Don’t Stop by Status Quo in the clubs revival of the past, the feeling is that, the fun is assured. It’s all here, simple and crystal clear, you play to have fun and have fun, nothing fancy or intricate : three chords and the truth. A record that I recommend to all those who do not want thoughts, but look for rock fun but certainly quality, there are no misunderstandings three chords but played by absolute talents. And then what are you waiting for press play and go wild for the room or the boards of a dusty saloon, if you’re lucky. Long live rock and roll!

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