“Closer to Home” – Lyman Ellerman (2020) [english]

Lyman Ellerman is living proof that in times of darkness and crisis (as it is unfortunately this 2020), the true poets, the best artists sometimes draw inspiration to create works of art sincere and necessary. Here is this Closer To Home was necessary for him and his listeners because it talks about how the simple things of life are the most important and there is always the hope to get out of dark times and is a small masterpiece because the lyrical and compositional ability of Ellerman has reached important peaks. Not that in previous records his musical ability was less, but in this new work I can say that he doesn’t miss a beat. Ellerman has been in the music world since he was 15 years old and his move to Nashville was decisive for him, in the independent country world he is now an institution, has collaborated with legends such as David Allan Coe, Dallas Moore, TJ Hernandez, Ward Davis and Billy Don Burns, so he has a wealth of experiences not only of life but also of great and appreciated songwriter. The record sounds like it was recorded on the porch of the house in front of a warm fire like the feelings it expresses, dry sound, no overdubbing, no electronics just the skill of the musicians and the producer Larry Brake of Elephant Rock Music. That’s it, just the voice, the guitar and so much country feeling, the one I like most far light years away from the glitter and the TV awards that have little to do with the music of the people. To understand what I’m saying, just press play and listen to Pour It Till It’s Gone, real, a little dusty, with the slide that makes it swing between melancholy and smile, the voice of Ellerman is warm and intense as a consummate narrator. There are violins, banjo and lots of smiles in My Kind Of Place, real life and nothing built, the music seems to flow naturally and around that fire on the porch you feel really good. The band is really quality, Jeff Williams on acoustic guitar, banjo and percussion, Jamey Garner on harmonica, Dave Rae on double bass, Steve Hinson on dobro and slide but especially the great violinist Deanie Richardson, newly awarded as the best performer of his instrument, A true superstar of Nashville country sound. To sing about the importance of friendship especially in the hard times in Old Friend In The Corner, Lyman calls as a second voice his true friend Josh Morningstar, another independent artist appreciated in Nashville, cult performer and moving voice, a wonderful song with a deep meaning that in this moment of social distancing makes us even more appreciate the importance of friendship and closeness. The album’s masterpiece according to the writer is absolutely Word of Song, a song that Ellerman wrote thinking about his career but above all that of his cult independent songwriter friend Billy Don Burns. The good Billy Don listened to the song was so impressed and moved that he has with pleasure added his voice to the song that has considered its history and just the deep and hoarse voice of the artist gives the song an extra touch that makes it almost perfect and the lyrics are a vivid painting of the life of the street singer “And the days move slow some barely a crawl / When your destination is a cold curtain call
/ Before you realize where you are you’re already gone / You’re all alone in your world of song”
. A record that must be appreciated and listened to with attention and an open heart, a real and moving record, intense and pleasant as a family reunion around a fireplace between hugs and smiles and in a difficult time like this is all we need.
Good listening,
Trex Willer
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