“Anthology” – Rowdy Johnson Band (2021) [english]

In the United States there are musicians who are local legends, of those who in small countries, where there are still many places to perform and transmit their art, rise to the rank of heroes. They make a name and a hard core of fans who follow them on tours between dusty places and festivals in the middle of nature. Here Rowdy Johnson is like this, with a unique talent in writing incisive songs and with that country flavor of the 70s that is now increasingly appreciated, a return to a glorious past for the music of the roots. Inspired by the movement born from the records of the likes of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and especially the great Hank Williams. Rowdy also often brings in his songs support and dedication to the brothers who serve his country, having also served under the United States Navy. This contributes to the word of mouth, since 2007 when the band was born in Tucson, Arizona the name circulates more and more people become aware of this guy and his group playing country outlaw without compromise, without the support of a major label, uninfluenced. They play and sing what they want, and people around there, you know, they love artists who have no desire to sell out to the music business to be noticed or to become rich and famous. The road is hard you know if you take this road but it will be full of satisfactions when you succeed as the RJB. The group led by Rowdy, who has in his voice powerful and deep his strength, came to the third album : Outlaws Today (2011), America’s Best (2013), Hillbilly Rockstar (2015), followed by the participation in the compilation Battle Cry: Songs for America’s Heroes (dedicated to those who serve their country and veterans) and two Eps released in 2020 and 2021 The Nordic Recording Sessions Vol.1 and 2. Here is this Anthology released this year takes all the songs that made him famous in the independent world of the American country, those of the first 3 albums and the compilation and gives the opportunity to all fans to rediscover a great artist, true and sincere. Taking into account the fact that these albums are now unobtainable, it would be a real shame not to know Rowdy Johnson and this anthology. The songs in this double disc are 37 and the sound you will find you can understand it by starting Outlaws Today, a country inspired by the golden years, pedal-steel and guitars, deep voices and so much desert dust. Beautiful and the text clarifies the concept of what it is for him (and me) to be an outlaw artist. Concrete Cowboy is a western ride whipped by guitars and the wind on your face, if anyone believes that the real country of people, of the road and of the desert is dead should listen to these pieces. In recent months I have talked about many artists who have revived the independent country and an anti-commercial vision of music, here is the list that includes Cody Jinks, Mickey Lamantia, Creed Fisher, Jason Evans and many others (luckily) add Rowdy Johnson. Songs like Elly May’s Biscuits have a character and a clear imprint, Waylon is in the air that is lashed by guitars, want to dance and have fun, honky tonk is still alive and kicking friends but also dedicate lyrics and feelings to small traditions, to their own land, simple things, family and friends. That’s it, no makeup, no deception. There are so many songs to mention, all deserve your attention, the compositional level never drops and if you love Hank and his many artistic sons, you will love songs like the patriotic America’s Best and If You Don’t Love This Country, the wild country rock of Drinking Jack With Jill or the wonderful ballad Church of Hank Williams, with in the background the melancholy and beloved rustle of the stylus that grooves the vinyl. Gorgeous. There is the feeling that pervades the career of the good Rowdy in the outlaw country of Between Hank & AC/DC, his music is all there, strong inspiration from the myths of the roots music but also a lot of flavor of rock and roll and street life. American friends assure me that live it is even more engaging and if you are lucky enough to take a trip to real America and want to attend the concert of a sincere and talented artist look where the Rowdy Johnson Band will play. His career has just started in practice but now his name, thanks to collaborations with the likes of Dallas Moore and also thanks to the help of his new manager Kody Mcdowell, is increasingly on the lips of fans of the genre and long successful tours await him on the streets of his beloved United States. If you love uncompromising country, it’s the artist you’re looking for.

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