“You Hear Georgia” – Blackberry Smoke (2021) [english]

It’s not the first time (and it won’t be the last) that I tell you about this band from Atlanta, GA, a group of 5 guys that has now reached the seventh recording effort (plus two live). In my previous review ( found at this link https://www.ticinonotizie.it/blackberry-smoke-homecoming-live-in-atlanta-2019-il-ritorno-del-sapore-di-pesche-della-georgia-ascoltati-da-noi-per-voi-di-claudio-trezzani/ ) I told you about their last live record recorded in the house. Blackberry Smoke, one of the most respected and beloved southern rock bands, are back! Yes, they did. Indeed I can certainly tell you that with this work they have reached such an awareness and maturity that you can certainly say that they are at the highest point of their career (until now at least). Smoke play that music that has always been a crossover of rock, blues, folk and country, that southern rock that has had well-known founding fathers (Lynyrd Skynyrd and the countrymen Allman Brothers Band), a genre that over the years has been given for death several times but has passed through fashions and commercial sweeps proudly continuing on its way. In recent years three bands, in my opinion, have inherited the sceptre of kings of the genre and are the Whiskey Myers, Steel Woods and precisely the Blackberry Smoke. Compared to the colleagues mentioned above, the BS are definitely the most anchored to traditional southern music, fat guitars, irresistible groove, hoarse and powerful voice and lots of peach flavor of Georgia. It will be the fact that they were born in this state that basically invented this sound, but listening to them, associate their name to this music is automatic. Although it is a genre that struggles to catch on our side, being a music that draws a lot of inspiration from the traditions and feelings of the locals, in Europe and also in Italy, Blackberry Smoke have a good following and have often come on tour from our part (in live concert trust them are a unique and unforgettable show!). This work released in 2021 is composed of 10 pieces and has behind the console the ear up and the talent of the production magician Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Whiskey Myers…) and just this mind behind the songs allowed the band to express in full itself, without drops, without interference. Gentlemen we are in front of a beautiful record, which projects the guys to the nomination of the year album without a twist, together with the Steel Woods who a week ago published their wonderful All of Your Stones (at this point the Whiskey Myers are missing but that’s another story). A work that opens with guitars scratching the air with Live It Down, a groove that takes your soul and the desire to move and jump is almost automatic. Charlie Starr’s fast-paced rhythm and vocals (and guitar) explode in all their glory. Even the other guitar by Paul Jackson is no different and the piece is a good punch in the face of those who thought that the rock made of guitars drowned in the country, it was good that dead. The solo is great. The title track is a tribute to their unjustly mistreated land and to the music that is imbued with its flavors, the slide that surrounds the whole and the rhythm section of bassist Richard Turner, drummer Brit Turner and keyboards Brandon Still do not take prisoners. A piece of classic southern, feeling and a lot of passion with a central bridge more solo that are a real jewel. But the irresistible groove is the secret of the record and in the subsequent Hey Delilah explodes in all its glittering beauty. A nice, funny, Southern to the core song. A piece that would have made Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd) proud and that you would never want to end, between tangled guitar and rhythmic pounding. Starr’s voice is perfect to tell us these stories, between a smile and a desire to dance, then the slide solo is pure Duane Allman sound, a pleasure for Georgia rock lovers of the glorious 70s. Certainly my favorite of the record and personally one of the most beautiful ever written by the 5 Atlanta-guys. There are roots, there is dedication to the music they grew up with and this love for true country takes over in Lonesome for a Livin’, a beautiful country outlaw ballad that duet with one of the most legendary artists of the genre, Jamey Johnson, he’s so rich. The bearded Jamey’s powerful voice is a perfect counterpoint to Starr’s rock voice. The guitars are scratching again and invading the speakers in All Rise Again, another legendary duet in this piece and this time it’s the turn of guitarist-singer Gov’t Mule and the latest version of the Allman Brothers Band, Warren Hayens. Haynes‘ voice is of a sublime level, it’s one of the most beautiful that American rock has produced and his guitar is no exception, it comes out a beautiful piece of rock soaked in the swamps of the south. Nothing is invented, there is no desire to amaze but just to play great and pay tribute to the traditions that have made great musically Georgia and in general the south of the States. Old Enough to Know is a folk-country ballad and is written together with an underrated but absolutely brilliant author, namely Travis Meadows (who had also “taken” Medicate My Mind present on the previous Find a Light of 2018). An inspired piece that Cobb’s production makes special, an absolutely perfect sound. The closing of the album is done with another piece with an indigo groove that slowly grows, Old Scarecrow, southern guitars and a really convincing voice, perfect for rock as for ballads. No drops, no missteps just so much talent and passion, southern rock at full power, solos and tight rhythm. A tribute to their land but also to the many artists who inspired them and whose heirs are proudly, a bit Creedence Clearwater Revival, a bit Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman but a lot of Blackberry Smoke. This is an important goal achieved by this band, they are inspired by the great but now they are and are recognizable, if you love rock, the one made of guitars enveloping, dusty and true stories, This is your record, and Blackberry Smoke will make you happy and move with the sound of Georgia.

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