“The Country” – Tennessee Jet (2020) [english]

TJ Mcfarland, this is the real name of this artist, is in the live circuit circuit for a good piece, a multi-instrumentalist boy, used to playing alone in the States that has already two very good records. The debut of the same name in 2015 and Reata in 2017, two alternative country rock records with really special ideas and songs that let shine a natural talent for quality songwriting. Tennessee Jet has collaborated with several artists in his short career, one of all the great Cody Jinks benchmark of quality independent music with which he wrote among other things one of the songs of this record, The Raven and The Dove that had already appeared on Jinks‘ last work (along with another song co-written in The Wanting). But we can also find it in the credits of one of the most beautiful songs of the latest Texan album Whiskey Myers, namely Bury My Bones. In short, one who has been in the business of quality music for a long time and I notice with pleasure that after almost 5 years of high level music, Even in Italy someone begins to notice his talent thanks to this album that is a celebration of the music that accompanied him during his young life, The Country note. The opening with Stray Dogs, offers us a sunny country veined honky tonk that gives a glimpse of the life of TJ, but already from the second piece written with Jinks, you understand that it is not just any, that here you master music and lyrics with mastery and poetry. A piece guided by pedal-steel and by that nostalgic taste of riding at sunset, beautiful fresco. The next piece, Johnny, in addition to being a dedication to the music legend he loves, namely Johnny Horton who died in an accident in the ’50s, is also a departure from the atmosphere of the record. A feeling almost alternative rock, which seems to be the legacy of his previous works. It certainly doesn’t disfigure, it’s a quality piece but maybe it’s a bit out of tune with the rest of the tracks. To take us back to country, to the real Tennessee Jet we play one of the most famous pieces of the genre, the absolute masterpiece of what was one of the geniuses (misunderstood) of Texan and American music, the cover Pancho & Lefty by Townes Van Zandt. A convincing version, true and then with the help of the voices of Cody Jinks, Paul Cauthen and Elizabeth Cook the song is enriched further. The sound of Brian Newman’s trumpet is that touch that makes everything almost perfect, a gust of tex-mex that leaves a taste of dust from the Texan-Mexican desert that really likes. The other cover of the album is a very personal version of She Talks To Angels by the famous southern band Black Crowes in the 90s. Almost unrecognizable in its country folk guise, but always supported by his intense lyrics. From rock ballad to bluegrass ballad the pace is not short but does not disappoint. It’s not a country without alternative rock influences as mentioned and also in Hands on You, our watering the song with balls of guitar that give strength to the song, but in this case they do not make it look out of place, indeed gives variety to a record already in itself very nice. The closing track of the work, Sparklin Burnin’ Fuse, is a beautiful country ballad that offers us a great vocal performance by Mcfarland, the band that paints music behind the frontman is the same that follows the legendary Dwight Yoakam on tour, so quality assurance and sound is felt is pure talent. A beautiful record, fresh and personal, a country streaked with that alternative feeling that does not affect a real passion for the most classic country outlaw, a bit like the great Waylon Jennings did (which came under the definition of an outlaw precisely because it didn’t sound like a country classic) or more in our day like the equally great Cody Jinks, who affixes with his presence to this record a seal of quality.

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