“Tennessee Champagne” – Tennessee Champagne (2020) [english]

In the world of American music the state of Tennessee is famous because it has donated to the world the city that is the reference of country music (and not only) and that is Nashville. But it is not only famous for this reason, this land where the southern feeling is strong, it is also the homeland of what, as taken from the name of this band of Elizabethon, is their champagne, and that is the whiskey, the famous Jack Daniels was born here. A land immersed in the Appalachian Mountains, a land where nature and true feelings are still important, this band grew up in the mountains and woods of Tennessee, has given to the press a debut record of all respect, a convincing job that makes southern rock his belief. A sound that graces the source of the greatest of the genre, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Blackberry Smoke, the genre that admirably blends country blues and folk sounds to rock based on guitars. Energy and strength but with a strong dose of melody, velvet but with character, a bit like their whiskey. To have a nice sip, just start the first song Wicked, a sound that scratches the air and a voice that more rock you can not. The work of the guitars is admirable and the inspiration to the above mentioned bands is shown in all its splendor in the really beautiful solos that frame a wonderful debut. Guitars and riffs on the shields also in the second piece Thunder in the Mountains, a really strong 70’s flavor with a redneck soul, strength and melody. It slows down with the wonderful ballad Can’t Get Over You, the sound is clean and sparkling, the keyboard gives it that flavor of rock of the past that appeals to every listening more and the voice amazes for versatility, as in another ballad Stompin’ Grounds, guitars and hammond the combination that made southern rock great and loved in the world. Melody and strong feelings. The sound of the slide, the vocals and that now slower, now more sustained movement supported by keyboards, the greats of the genre would be proud of these guys from Tennessee. The guitar groove breaks the air and starts Corn from a Jar, syncopated trend and the underground distilleries of the countryside that in Italy we met with the cult TV series Hazzard, have their soundtrack. The rhythm section is on the shields but it is always the guitar that is appreciated, Duane Allman has made school there in the south. The work consists of 10 pieces ends with Shake It, which pays pledge to a dusty country rock that seems to come out of the pen of the great Billy Gibbons and Silver Tongue, that the bass sound leads to a sound that knows a lot of rock of the golden years, the longest track at the end as it was used when the Allman and Ronnie Van Zant walked on the ground, the guitar guides us hand in hand with the hammond but the voice is the master. Convincing 100%, do not sin of excessive desire to amaze, the sound is inspired by the fathers but with true character. If you are looking for a southern rock, talent and desire for feeling are the band for you. We wait for them to confirm, but the debut suggests to have found a band of the real ones. 

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