“Solid Gold Sounds” – Kendell Marvel (2019) [english]

If like me you are a fan of quality country music and you love to crumble even in the credits of the songs of the artists you love, then certainly the name of Kendell Marvel will not sound new to your ears. An artist who is the author of many magnificent pieces for many artists, he has worked with the likes of Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, George Strait, Leann Womack and many others. A songwriter with a unique and excellent talent that had reached that point in which you get tired that the record companies always ask for songs that had to climb the radio charts, to adapt lyrics and songs to requests and then in 2017 decided to do it himself. To try to jump the barricade and become master of his destiny by going out with his debut album Lowdown & Lonesome. A beautiful work of 10 pieces, almost a concept album that speak of temptations, broken hearts and answers in the wrong places. The country he has always written for others here is very influenced by soul, his voice lends itself to this genre, southern rock and blues, a really interesting mix that the production of Keith Gattis enriches. When an artist decides like him not to stand still and wait for the events, then here he is trying to evolve, to take a step forward and jump and then here is the choice that is the basis of this record. New production and new label and above all new influences in its sound. The choice is for the label owned by Dan Auerbach (leader of the Black Keys) the Easy Eye Sound, the production will be the same Auerbach as the collaboration to write the 10 pieces of the album. Marvel is not the typical frontman, he doesn’t do all this for having notoriety, audience or being alone on a stage to harangue the crowds of fans, he does it for himself with talent and sincerity and this the audience perceives and success is the natural consequence. There are no masterpieces but all the songs have a very high quality standard and many different influences, we can not catalog the record as we would for the songs he wrote for others. Just listen to the first piece, Hard Time With the Truth, a dusty country ballad to which, however, the keyboards give an almost dark touch but then the guitars explode in a scratchy bridge almost rock. Definitely hard to confine it in a genre, it’s definitely a beautiful piece but then you get to When It’s Good and the melody gets sunny, delicate, warm as the California sun and in fact it seems a piece arrived after a session with the Eagles. He does not like to write for radio but this could easily become a hit as the song dedicated to his wife Must Kept It for Himself, where the arrangement and production of Auerbach are decisive in creating a romantic rock ballad supported by piano and strings. The difference is the voice of Marvel, powerful and intense with that soul flavor that does not hurt. The producer says that it is the first thing they have tried to do, to enhance a voice of such beauty and that is to ask Kendell to sing more softly without shouting to give it more prominence. A truly remarkable result, the vocal performance is remarkable, maybe less rock than the first record and more crooner, but maybe that’s what he’s always been looking for. But the album also has some country rock and almost southern facets like in Blood In The Water with a guitar riff and an irresistible groove or as in my favorite song, Cadillac’n, a rock dragged by an exceptional work of guitars where the sound of the slide makes echo in the air a bit ‘of Creedence Clearwater Revival, country rock but with the sun of the Pacific face. Beautiful. A record not of classic country but sincere and without fear of crossing and mixing with wisdom genres, Eagles but also John Fogerty and Waylon Jennings, with the same outlaw spirit : sincerity and desire to express what you have inside without fear of breaking who knows what dogmas. Kendell Marvel did it for himself without the desire for success but I think he deserves it because in addition to being an exceptional author, as demonstrated by his collaborations, is also an equally exceptional singer with a truly remarkable character. Discover it and let yourself be carried away by his Harley in an on the road trip in the most beautiful streets of South American music.

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Trex Willer

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