“Recorded Live at The Machine Shop Recording Studio” – Sunny Sweeney (2020) [english]

This gorgeous and talented blonde comes from Texas, from Longview, and grew up in the myth of great country singers like Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris and in her homeland but also in the rest of the States, is now considered one of the most important country singer of his generation. A warm and intense voice, ironic and also funny direct lyrics and that vintage country that is now back in fashion. The recipe of her 4 albums is all here, country to dance but also to listen to under a porch sipping whiskey, stories of betrayals, good evenings and lost loves. The artistic culmination, according to the writer, reached in 2014 when she publishes Provoked for Thirty Tigers Records, a country album streaked with rock and honky tonk awarded by the Texas charts and its fans, inspired and desecrating. Here we are at this fifth live record recorded at the Machine Shop Recording studios in Austin, Texas that gives us a mature artist aware of her skill, in a brilliant form and with a great desire to entertain the audience and tell the stories of bars and drinks, Betrayal and wrong love. A simple record, played well and damn good! The pieces are 17 (to which you add 3 short intros to some pieces) and none of them will make you think to pass over, an hour of a concert we would like to have attended, not only because the singer is a wonderful woman but above all because she knows how to do and involves and seduces her audience with her powerful voice with a strong Texan soul, a free spirit that will blow up your speakers when in the initial Tie Me Up after asking if we’re all there? She yells at his man that she can’t be tied up and she’s a free spirit. A dusty country rock and a voice you never forget, with a pedal-steel in the background to make you understand that roots are the basis of her music. The violin introduces the wonderful cover Tulsa Time, one of the classics of country rock, which Sweeney interprets in a personal and fun as the original but it is the next I Drink Weel With Others to raise the level, a honky tonk that talks about betrayals and drinks, to dance on the boards of the same bar where she asks not to be taken away. Written with another great country singer, Erin Enderlin (whose record I told you about in this article : https://www.trexroads.com/faulkner-county-erin-enderlin-2019/). A piece that you will want to listen to again and dance again, the solo is then really well set between the violin and the voice of Sunny. The fast-paced and fun rhythm only slows down in a few pieces, as in the beautiful ballad Poet’s Prayer where the voice is the march in more than one piece of classic country, of those that move hearts, intense as a sunset ride. The honky tonk is the master and comes back in vogue with Momma’s Wine and even a splash of rock with the scratchy sound of guitar in the beautiful Bad Girl Phase (taken from the aforementioned Provoked). The text is quite explicit on the sunny-thought “I’m just doing in the light what you want to do in the dark / good girls say no / Bad girls say I’m there.” Bad girl power! After the presentation of the band, starts Body in a Boxcar, another round more honky tonk to turn the head, guitar and pedal-steel and violin played properly. You can not stand still, dreaming maybe one day to be able to watch live one of her live and be able to dance on the dusty boards of a Texas saloon accompanied by the voice of the fantastic Sunny Sweeney. A nice, fun and great-sounding record, where the Texan’s voice is at ease, in a convincing and persuasive form as never before. We can’t wait to hear it on the new record that is said to be recording right now. A live album to make your own if you want to have fun and love to dance and have fun, if you love the country and the American sound is definitely a must-have.

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