“Ramble” – Chris Hennessee (2018) [english]

In the United States Jamey Johnson’s live shows have become a cult almost like his records, talent passion and so much humility, have made the bearded JJ an icon and a reference for the independent country movement, even after he founded his own label Big Gassed Records. That’s if you know Jamey, you will surely know Chris Hennessee, guitarist and singer of his band for more than 8 years and that often was with his songs opener of his concerts. A complete artist the good Chris, in fact, in addition to having a wonderful voice and being a great musician, is also a great songwriter that over the years have been brought to success by Cody Johnson, Kevin Fowler, Cory Morrow and many others. One who remains behind the scenes with humility and absolute talent but who shows a skill out of the ordinary when, as in this wonderful his fourth work, almost 2 years ago, published by Big Gassed Records and produced by the great Jim “Moose” Brown, comes out of the wings and takes over the scene. A record totally underestimated by the big country and rock audience and I would wrongly add. 11 pieces that are more beautiful than each other and that see the participation of his artists friends who raise the quality rate, already very high. Chris Hennessee is not only a country artist, but in his record you will find very strong southern rock and blues influences and his voice will upset, has a really remarkable intensity as is his songwriting ability. A record that is not just a demonstration of talent but in its simplicity amuses and excites as few records have done in recent years. The opening, Wrong Side of the Rainbow is an emotional bang of southern rock, pure southern feeling, a bit Lynyrd Skynyrd first way and a bit Texas country and the participation of his boss Jamey Johnson is the classic icing on the cake. A fun, explosive and non-trivial piece with a fantastic work of guitar and pedal-steel, in which the two wonderful voices of the two artists are completed and the rest of the band piano and rhythmic seem just to have fun as they were on a stage and we were in front of them. A sort of small jam session but not an end in itself, nice fun wrapping, you will want to listen to it immediately to enjoy the nuances. You wanted to go country? Here the title track is an exceptional country ballad that the voice (and violin) of his friend Alison Krauss make almost perfect. Two resounding voices and a lyrical intensity that touches the heart. We are at two songs and the expense has already been widely justified. The tension is swept away by the subsequent New Day Old South, a compelling guitar riff will accompany you on a journey into the deep south, with a flavor between honky tonk and rock and roll, harmonica chasing hammond guitar and keyboard. Funny, damn well played and produced great. A perfect sound that leaves no room for doubt : great band and great record. The long Midnight Run is a beautiful dusty ride, with that southern flavor, violins and whiskey that good Hennessee master with charisma, sun and wind on his face on a road trip from Tennessee to the California sun, these are the feelings that gave me the first of many listenings of this wonderful piece, closed by a wonderful guitar work. It amazes but positively the next Learn To Fly, a cover that puzzles a bit since the country and Foo Fighters usually should not be on the same record, the original piece is beautiful but very rock, but Hennessee admirably captures the atmosphere, makes a u-turn and turns it into a slow-paced southern country flavor of glittering beauty. The voice is no longer a discovery but it must be absolutely said : Chris Hennessee is an extraordinary rock singer. I can’t help but mention my favorite track on the record, which is A Little Too Loretta. A fantastic country rock classic flavor, engaging, unleashed and with an exceptional duet with the great Melonie Cannon, who as a second voice in the band of Jamey Johnson, shared the stage with Hennessee thousands of times. The two voices complete and enjoy doing so. One of the most beautiful country songs of the last years, in my opinion obviously. How to resist this sound? A well played record, well produced and that will appeal to all lovers of country, southern rock and quality music, on the other hand, if in the same disc appear Chris Hennessee, Jamey Johnson, Alison Krauss and Melonie Cannon what could go wrong? Since I discovered it I listen to it at least once a week, a bit like a vaccine against the sadness of poor quality music : it works! Go and discover Chris Hennessee, deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest both in the shade of the bearded JJ and in the sun of a deserved personal success.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

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