“QCNH” – Quaker City Night Hawks (2019)

Making high quality and original music is never easy, especially in genres that over the years have said so much as american-style blues rock, country and southern, but it seems that in Texas the mother of quality artists is always pregnant and here’s another band you absolutely must know. Quaker City Night Hawks. The Fort Worth trio has reached their fourth album, after three excellent tests of a very seventies rock mixed with blues and Texan country and, after a change of line-up with a new drummer, they churn out their most complete and convincing work. The disc opens with a song with very clear influences of 70’s Californian rock, Better In The Morning, sunny and with a quality rhythmic system: a sound that is difficult to categorize that of the Quaker. Listen to the second piece and you will notice it. Suit In The Back, has a soul appeal, a very Stax sound that seems to come from the soundtrack of Shaft (the black policeman in vogue in the 70s), an engaging riff and that bass that never gives you up, with southern veins above allin the central solo. Original and impactful. The sun penetrates through the lowered windows of the car that runs fast on the highway in Colorado, the wind cools us like the riff of a rock and roll song like today is no longer used, with the central part highlighting the beautiful voice of Sam Anderson and the psychedelic solo adds to that vintage feeling that never gives up on the record. The dirty and decisive riff of Fox In The Henhouse is exciting, bad voice for a convincing southern rock accompanied by the piano, a sign that the influences and the shores to which QCNH can reach are many and never predictable. Clean and essential production increases its value. There are no songs that shouldn’t be there: from Elijah Ramsey’s wonderful acoustic introduction, with his “post September 11th” lyrics so intense that it tastes like Zeppelin ballad, to the wonderful Grackle King, with his psychedelic and schizoid gait. Here there is genius not very similar to mere business. An intense and original album, like the closing song, Freedom, with its cutting riff, to listen to and listen to again. A work that projects the Quaker City Night Hawks among the best artists of their country. Texas, as has always been known, is the trademark for quality music and the Quakers keep faith with tradition: a band that, both from the studio and from the alive, confirms a superfine talent and a truly remarkable ability to take and mix different genres.

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Trex Willer by http://www.magazzininesistenti.it

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