“Non-Typical Find” – Tylor & The Train Robbers (2021) [english]

Watchword : independent. Here Tylor & The Train Robbers are the quintessence of what it is to be an independent band in the United States, on tour for 200 days a year, far and wide for many states, smoky clubs and a lot of word of mouth. A band formed by the leader, singer and guitarist Tylor Ketchum and practically by his family because on bass we find his brother Jason Bushman, on the other guitar his father-in-law Johnny “Shoes” Pisano then there is his brother Tommy Bushman. The music and talent run strong in the veins of this family and after two self-produced albums, the only difference with previous works was relying on an “external” producer to the family group, Cody Braun (former producer of Reckless Kelly, a legendary red-dirt country band) who participated in the record playing violin and mandolin. The pandemic that hit the world last year, has strongly impacted the lives of musicians touring, of the street and fans around the States their lives and for Tylor and his Train Robbers was no different but in these moments of forced stop the band found a way to turn a negative moment into positive, with strength and desire to do they wrote, recorded and produced these 11 beautiful songs that make up Non-typical Find. A record that has used crowdfunding to develop and that has earned every penny invested by the fans of the group, these guys have a sound that we can define a crossover between country folk, western sounds and a splash of Texas country rock, a sound that takes strength from having developed along the “road”, on the boards of the boxes of a thousand American cities and its inspired texts and real life, there are episodes really happened as those of the discovery of a corpse in a hut of a friend, story told by the title track. A beautiful piece supported by the intense and credible voice of Tylor Ketchum and a subtle honky-tonk rhythm, the violin part fits perfectly to guitars and pedal-steel giving us a beautiful piece of country. There is room for a fantastic love song, dedicated to Tylor’s wife (Jennifer Pisano), Jenny Lynn, a beautiful folk ballad, enriched by mandolin and Jennifer’s own counter-songs. A piece about homelessness when you’re so much on tour and away from your affections. This Town has an almost rock trend, for that cataloging the genre of this band is so difficult, the thought that you try listening to it is that it is almost red-dirt and will have made smile producer Cody Braun who has produced one of the most important bands of the genre in his career. Beautiful work of guitars and rhythm. There are many musical flavors and in Lemonade you can hear the strong one of a bluegrass ballad and the splendid sound of the banjo of Bernie Reilly only enhances this feeling. Another beautiful and intense song, here there is no will to invent who knows what but only to write and play quality music. You do not curse if listening to songs like These Eyes you think of the greats of the past, a bit of Guy Clark country folk legend of Texas but also beautiful rides as in a modern western in Staring Down The North, dust and lots of character. Maybe one of my favorites of the lot, but I’m partial I love these sounds, clapping guitars, solos, rhythms and lots of dust. The closure is entrusted to the sunny and positive ballad Silver Line, a way of exorcising everything negative happened this year, a way of explaining how even from the ugly and evil can always be born something positive. A bit like what happened to this wonderful band, which during a period of forced stop to its business, found with this record the way to show its fans to be there and to have an unusual talent to tell stories in front of a bonfire, on a porch or by the boards of a crowded live club. If you love quality music, inspired lyrics and talent, do yourself a favor and spend the little money that this record costs and help quality independent music to grow and stay as alive as it is right now thanks to bands like Tylor & The Train Robbers.

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