“Miles and Miles Of You” – Pat Green (2022) [english]

Texas: a boundless state, a world almost apart from the rest of the United States and this uniqueness can also be found in the world of its music, as I have often told you. Music here is not just a pastime, something you need to entertain or fill your free time. In Texas music is an integral part of the social fabric, it tells people’s lives and there are artists who have become a real pagan cult. Music, given the size of the state, has been influenced by many styles. There is not a single genre, even if, especially in our latitudes, the country is associated with the Texians. Texas has been the cradle of acoustic and electric blues, the first rock and roll, rock-a-billy, red dirt, but also of bands that have made the history of heavy metal: in short, there is something for everyone. And by reflex it is also a state where music festivals and clubs are institutions. This long preamble was necessary to introduce one of these artists who over the years have become legendary and cult: Pat Green. Green began his career at just 18 (now 50) in the Lubbock music scene and in 1995, thanks to his parents’ loan he had recorded some independent albums that have been noticed. So much so that in 1998 he had attracted the attention of another Texas legend, Willie Nelson who wanted him in his concert on July 4, now a national institution. As an independent and thanks to this appearance, Pat had become very popular and his shows all sold-out. His first major label deal allowed him to release his first official album in 2001, Three Days. A resounding success, full of beautiful pieces that despite some pop country influences, had a great expressive and lyrical power. During the years from 2003 to 2009, Green released four more albums that never reached the beauty of their debut, despite the commercial success and numerous awards. His myth had gained strength thanks to his live performances and sold out. He understood that he needed to get back to the real essence of his music and left the major decided to go home to Texas as an independent. After almost 5 years he finally released in 2015 what, in my opinion, is his best album: Home. Great songs and great appearances by friends/artists such as Lyle Lovett, Sheryl Crow and Delbert McClinton. The wait for a new Pat Green record has been long, artistically speaking a lifetime: 7 years. Here we are, finally, to tell you about a new record of a true legend: Miles and Miles of You. I must say that it was worth the wait and thanks to the perfect production of Dwight A. Baker (one who had already worked with another Texan myth, namely Josh Abbott) gives us 10 beautiful songs of country rock fresh and not banal. The opening is a statement of intent, I’m Going Home is an expected return, it’s guitars and melody, with his full and intense voice to accompany us. It’s the music that people expect from him, it’s rhythm and feeling at home. The title track is a beautiful song written by Jon Randall that Green had recorded in 2005 on a tape and of which he always wanted to record his own version. A really beautiful version, an evocative ballad, of those that at concerts will turn on the little lights and move. Beautiful April 5th, acoustic guitar and vocals to introduce it, but then a saloon piano and rhythm wrap around a piece that I loved. One of my favorites, almost blues, very Texas. The wild If I Don’t Have in Honky Tonk is country rock fun and to dance, to feel at full speed on one of those endless streets. Live will set fires in the Texas crowd and beyond. Pat Green is back friends! Bad Bones has a killer groove, syncopated guitar and voice on the shields, particular and absolutely successful. Sitting under the shadow of a porch at sunset. That’s where I dream, listening to the country ballad This Old Hat, melancholy and with a mouth-watering arrangement. The work ends with Echo, another ballad, but this one with radio rock nuances, reminiscent of his past works, but with much more character and less banality. A solid record and played great by a true Texas legend, a very welcome return by an artist who, outside the circuit of the awards and the glitter of the money of the major, seems to be finally himself. After the beautiful Home, he confirms with this new album that he has not lost the inspiration and still have a lot to tell us. I remember the envy for those who can enjoy these pieces live: emotions and lots of fun.

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