“Loved & Lost” – Porter Union (2020) [english]

I love independent music, especially country music. In recent years have been born many, many exceptional artists by word of mouth, as once, the radio, shops, the network (finally useful). By now we know the works of artists born like this: Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, Whitey Morgan, Mickey Lamantia, Creed Fisher, all people who with character and constancy has built their own sound, brand and passion for music and life, artists who have made their bones in local honky-tonk around the States, with the south being the most prolific factory. Here, to that list from today you can add this close-knit couple: the Porter Union, or Cole Michael Porter and his wife Kendra. It is not a novelty, especially in country music, to feel the love and harmony between couples, we have seen many and this renews with talent and passion a genre that is never saturated. Their story is the typical fairy tale in music: very young in the bar of their city, they shared many evenings in smoky and dusty clubs refining their understanding and their music. But do not be fooled, it is not a banal duo, the usual duo of all honey lovers. No. they are both exceptional songwriters, talented but with a well-defined character, without forgetting the band really all respect behind: Tyler Giles on guitars, Scotty Schulz on drums and Kyle Vance on bass. They are only on the second album after the debut of the same name in 2017, but their sound is already defined and recognizable. Put on the plate Loved & Lost and you will have full proof already from the first song: We Got It Right, an exciting country honky-tonk flavor where the rhythm of pedal steel guitar and the two voices that complement each other. From the title-track you would expect a melancholy or sad song and instead even here guitars and rhythmic churn out a nice country rhythm, a nice ride supported by a rough and dusty riff, as well as the next Leave As Lovers, where in the foreground is the beautiful voice of Kendra: country classic but not trivial, with a character of his own. Guitars and violin fit together perfectly as in a song of the past. There are also the classic country ballads and the braid of the voices of the couple is perfect as in To Have And To Hold, one of those songs that Texas radio will love to shoot on weekends for couples in love. The thirteen songs are not boring and they are all well written and produced, there is also room for a collaboration with the Texan singer Kayla Ray in Curb Appeal, in which the two friends go wild in a beautiful honky-tonk feminine. Fun and enjoyable as an evening at Billy Bob in Fort Worth and the pedal steel solo is the icing on the cake. The album ends with a dry ballad, Where Are You, which does justice to Cole’s intense voice and excellent rhythm section. Loved & Lost continues today’s thriving tradition of independent country records and the duo is right in the ranking of our favorites. We hope one day to be able to appreciate them live at our latitudes. For now we just wait for new excellent works like this.

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