“Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol.1” – Them Dirty Roses (2023) [english]


I can finally tell you about this band and their new album. I discovered these guys for about 2 years and immediately I was struck by their talent and their sound: they play southern rock, the real one, blood, character and that does not disdain the melody.

The electricity that comes out of their songs does not leave you indifferent, a groove that takes you right away and, as it happened to me, will not leave you easily.

They come from the South, like almost all the good music I recommend weekly, from Gadsden, Alabama and they are a band formed by two brothers and two friends of a lifetime.

The compactness of the souls of these guys exudes from their music and energy. Over the months then investigating I met through the social connections these guys and I followed them (at a distance unfortunately) in their long tours up and down the States, supporting phenomenal artists and never disappoint. The images and videos tell of a river of electricity that conquers the first listening, of so much passion and originality.

The band consists of the brothers Ford, James on vocals and guitar and Frank on drums and his lifelong friends Andrew Davis on the other guitar and Ben Crain on bass.

Friends of a lifetime who are living their American dream by always believing it.

I think it must be a really amazing thing when you get to success with the band always, with your childhood friends, with your brother. I guess it’s a really unique feeling and their chemistry comes through in their songs.

The inspirations are those of the greats: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr, Allman Brothers Band, but the sound is declined in such a personal and original way that it immediately became a recognizable brand.

It will be the fantastic voice of James, the sound of their guitars, the rhythm, the melody, but if you listen to their songs you will find that they are Them Dirty Roses-sound and that’s it.

As I said, they have already shared the stage with leading artists of the American independent scene: Whiskey Myers, Cody Canada & The Departed, Steel Woods, Marshall Tucker Band, Koe Wetzel and various important festivals such as the Peacemaker of 2022 and the Tailgate ‘n Tailboys also in 2022.

No one was disappointed by their fumigant performances, indeed their fan base grew at every stop.

I was finally saying why in these months, after discovering them with their first eponymous EP of 2017, I was no longer in the mood to let you know. All the singles from this album came out (which is just the first part), but now I can tell you all 8 of them.

If you are collectors, like myself, in 2020 in full chaos was released (only on red vinyl and limited edition) an acoustic live recorded within the walls of friends of Huntsville: Locked Down & Unplugged. It deserves the expense I assure you!

But let’s come to this record and I’ll tell you right away that if you love southern rock and the bands I mentioned before, you will be kidnapped right away. Without hesitation!

Holy Roller starts, a delicate acoustic intro and the crazy voice of James accompanies the beginning of the journey, almost soul choirs up to an electric explosion.

Rhythm, fat guitars and all the sound of the South surrounds us. The work of the whole band is over the top, rhythmic and guitars, voice and melody.

Sunday Drunk is more sunny at first, but the guitar then makes its entrance and the voice takes possession of the song guiding us in a piece that is now calm, now electric. The chorus is a mix of southern influences with choirs to remind us that these guys grew up with the music of the greats of the genre. The solo is beautiful.

The next Ain’t No Need instead makes the reverse path begins with electric lashes and then calm down and give space to James and his melody.

I consider James Ford one of the most gifted singers of American independent music and in this piece he gives yet another proof. Melody and electricity, guitars and choirs: it is a recognizable sound, as I said, it is not forgotten.

Riffs and drums, rhythm and here’s You Can’t. Fast, enveloping and energetic. Frank’s drums are a hammer and Crain’s bass is no different. The solo is amazing, like all the work of James and Andrew Davis on guitars, never over the top, never banal.

Groove and riffs that come under the skin, Good Life is true southern rock: the one to listen to live and that will put to hell the stages of 2023, what every fan of Blackberry Smoke and Whiskey Myers looks for. If you are among them and are looking for a new band to enrich your playlists, Them Dirty Roses are the one for you.

Black Magic Lady starts out as an acoustic ballad, James‘ voice is enveloping, intense and salt in tone and leads us to a chorus that explodes in the guitars, but never overdo it. One of the most beautiful pieces of this record, to sing at the top of your lungs, while you travel with the windows lowered towards sunset.

The groove of southern rock of these guys is not finished and Highway My Home is yet another capital test. Melody at the service of a piece now electric now calm, the choirs then lead us down in the South, right there near Muscle Shoals where the soul has moved its first steps and gave us sounds never forgotten. The solo then breaks the air and it’s really beautiful.

The album closes with Hell of a Note, an acoustic track that reveals the influence of country music in the sound of these young guys from Alabama.

A perfect ballad to close a record in which electricity made it the master. The voice is even more on the shields and we imagine ourselves listening to James Ford singing us this piece in front of a bonfire and looking at a roof of stars above us. The magic is all here: passion and talent.

Them Dirty Roses are a train running and with this disc you can get on board and let yourself be guided towards a year that will surely be exciting for these guys.

A mature record that shows us an already solid sound, a passion for a melody made of light and shadows, electricity and ballads, energetic southern rock and delicate and dreamy soul.

Now I hate, now love. Light and shadow. In short, friends readers a record to listen and listen to without ever getting tired, a new gem of independent music that deserves to be on important stages and in your playlists.

Now I look forward to Volume Number 2, very soon!

Good listening,

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