“Kentucky Tornado” – Sarah Beth Terry (2020) [english]

I had to make a choice, choose between one of the 6 wonderful records (you understand six!!) that this artist gave us in this terrible 2020. My choice was for the first release this year and the one that already from the title explains who is and what you will find in his music : a real Kentucky tornado! An artist who will upset you with an incredible vocal ability, deep, intense and with a soul character that makes it unique in the current American country landscape. He left at the age of 21 what is one of the most prolific states in giving us valuable independent artists, Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers and Jason Evans to name only 3 are originally from Kentucky and made several trips to the homeland of music, namely Nashville to try his luck. We can certainly say that with character and desire to make, this fortune has found and also found love (an old Kentucky friend of his, Jake Bonner). After the wedding, the two moved to Louisiana, where Sarah Beth, who had been artistic since her childhood, opened a school that offered education for aspiring musicians and songwriters. The school was a success from the beginning and even had 400 students, which led her not to follow her military husband stationed in Italy. Life is known to be unpredictable and even the courageous choices do not always pay but his to devote 24h to writing songs and to leave to his brother Dylan the management of the school, was a good choice. After signing a contract with Three Hounds Music and giving her poems (she has been writing them since she was a teenager) to other musicians in 2019, she began her recording adventure with the splendid Estill County Rain. A real discovery that was only the appetizer of the musical tornado that brought this 2020, probably made very prolific by the fact of being forced to stay in the house. The splendid record opens with a dusty ballad, the title track, dragged and western with the extra touch of Terry’s voice. A true crooner, one who, like his fellow countryman Stapleton, uses his voice as an instrument, never neglecting the writing of true and credible pieces. Another western-flavored piece is Grave Robber, an acoustic intro put almost in the background by Sarah Beth’s uvula which is really a force of nature and it is the banjo-violin pairing to give us a nice ride in the solitary lands of Kentucky, the piece is a real Texas-flavored country jewel. There is not only country, but also the rock in the cracks of the arid earth that is the track Started With a Train, the now electric acoustic guitar scratches the air accompanying the singing always on the shields of Terry, that explodes in all its splendor in the next ballad Paper Doll Life, does not invent anything but is a sincere and inspired artist and his voice is a cure-all for souls in pain. Imagine listening to you sing these songs under a porch one summer evening, under the stars and in front of a bonfire, how much we need feelings so that only the real country gives. The rhythm rises with Bad Penny, a very rock and dirty riff, almost shooting us in the face that is a multifaceted artist and country singer, as he sings soul or rock blues but always in a real and credible and above all his voice gives the feeling of being at ease with any tone and rhythm. The production is not invasive and enhances the talent of a singer who in this year that seems very long has already given us another 5 records (besides that in fact has the subtitle “chapter two”, to date november we have arrived at the “chapter seven”). Beautiful the blues-flavoured Big Bad Wolf, where the voice of Sarah Beth reaches emotional peaks that in recent years I had only happened to listen to another Beth who last name is Hart. Same intensity, same soul suffering and same level of talent. The closure is another jewel of dusty country, Fitchburg Witch, which starts with the slide and the wind of the tornado to drag us into the vortex of a voice that will hardly forget. A beautiful piece of music. I could tell you about the other five albums that have followed this but it would be a redundant novel and would take away the surprise of discovering a real artist that must be absolutely known and appreciated, songwriter of race and unforgettable voice, one of those that you would always listen to without ever getting tired. (ps if you happen to look for his Facebook page and watch the live record that will certainly leave you a trace in the soul).

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