Independent Interview: Kayla Jane

Welcome back to our appointment with Independent Interviews. Today, with great pleasure, I will have a chat with an artist who I now consider a friend. A voice that enters your soul: the fantastic Kayla Jane.

Hi Kayla and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this interview, which I really wanted. Tell us about yourself: where you were born, your experiences and when you realized that music would be your life.

I was born in St.Paul, MN and was raised just outside the city, but as a pre-teen we moved back to the mountains of West Virginia where my moms side of the family still lived.

We did a late night, hasty move across the country in a moving truck, a 23 hour drive.

Not much to say about growing up in the mountains.

We rode four-wheelers, dirt bikes, ran around in the woods and had barn parties.

Really Fun stuff.

I had an opportunity to leave in 2005. So I sold everything and left for Texas with a longtime friend.

Got married, had 2 babies, divorced, remarried, and landed (close to) the New Braunfels, TX area in 2015.

We met a few years ago, when on the Whiskey Myers fans’ Facebook page, I heard your version of the wonderful “Broken Window Serenade”. You interpret that song as if you wrote it. Why did it affect you so much?

I heard that song before I understood what it was about.

I got wrapped up in someone and got married (again) the marriage was terrible: he was an abusive addict, and I, addicted to him.

Grooming happens gradually, and after about a year he “introduced” me to the same substance.

It was a “snake eats its tale” cycle.

There was a moment of clarity in the midst of addiction, on my birthday actually, when a stranger grabbed me by the wrist, and (tried) to give me perspective.

Years later I connected the two and it made sense.

I became the girl from the song, and I wasn’t going to make it out if I didn’t make the change.

In the past you have gone through really tough experiences, you have experienced firsthand what many women experience every day: violence. How did you get out of it? Where did you find the strength?

He had been arrested for multiple offenses during our relationship.

A few times on “suspected” domestic violence, but it wasn’t until I got clean that the physical abuse got worse.

Reality set in when I saw my face, and I couldn’t hide what had happened.

He was arrested and let go.

The following episode, I woke up in the front yard, got dressed like I was going to work, took the keys, left my phone and went straight to the Police.

The life of an independent musician is demanding, but in Texas finding where to perform is easier even if I imagine the competition is fierce. What do you love about this world and what would you like to change?

I don’t know that there’s anything I would change, I really appreciate being accepted somewhere.

I’ve always felt like I was on the outside until I started playing music.

Have you ever played concerts outside of Texas? What is your favorite venue so far where you have performed and where do you dream of performing one day?

I do play outside Texas.

I’ve played Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida.

I also went on tour with Drew Moreland and the Neon Hustle for a few weeks late last year and looking to again in the coming months.

Not sure I have a “favorite venue” but I’m very fortunate to have played Gruene Hall, and I am about to again on 4/30/24.

I know you also have an all-female band, The Billie Jeans, together with your friends. Tell us about this project. Do you think it will lead to an album soon? I really hope so!

The Billie Jeans!

We started as a 4 piece of vocals and our own mix of instruments, we’ve recently picked up 2 female players, (standup bass and percussion) and we’re on a steady path of success.

I can’t predict an album, but we are working on original material and we’ve also assisted each other on our studio tracks and music videos.

And tell us about your music. You made your debut 3 years ago with a beautiful album (Filthy Hands), what is the song you are most attached to from that album? Do you have new music on the horizon?

My favorite song from that album 2 years ago is different than it is today, funny how it changes.

In a little while” is my favorite these days.

I wrote that song all alone at 5am in a tiny camper as the sun came up on my broken heart.

It’s about retreating emotionally, and going through the motions to overcome a broken heart, but doing so in a very quiet manner.

I do have several songs written, a couple recorded and one ready for preorder 5/3/24 and streaming live on 5/17/24!

Who are your favorite artists in this golden moment of independent music? In general, who are the artists you listen to most often and what is your absolute favorite song?

My very favorite band is Led Zeppelin: I love the eccentricity, the time signatures, the art of everything they’ve recorded. The melody implies the emotion rather than being lyrically driven.

I’m a classic rock/90s alt rock gal.

I also love love soul music, Al Green, Otis Redding and Lauryn Hill!

I listen to Texas country/Red Dirt as a general rule.

I love the diversity in this “local” genre.

What do you think of this crazy Italian crime writer who put you in his novel coming out in June? I had you play at the famous Cheatham Warehouse in San Marcos in my story and then you actually played there!

I’m really impressed with your drive and passion for this place and scene.

It puts things in perspective for me, like, how fortunate am I already to get to live my dream, but it’s wild I ended up here!!

How did I get so lucky to get a fan in you to write me into that story!? And…I shortly after played that venue!

I think you wrote that into history for me.

Thanks for being a constant support and a shining light on this scene.

I appreciate you so much and wish you all the success and I hope you have a GREAT time here and I cannot wait to see you!

Thank you Kayla for your availability and your friendship. I really hope to be able to hear you live one day, your voice is one of my favorites in independent music.

Good luck in your career and know that I can’t wait to hear new music.

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