Independent Interview: Jade Marie Patek

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Today I am very happy to introduce you to an artist with a fabulous voice who comes from the home state of great music: Jade Marie Patek.

Hi Jade and thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you here for my independent blog Trex Roads.

Tell us about yourself: where you were born, when you understood that music would be your life and if yours was a family already immersed in music.

I was born and raised in the Shiner, TX area and we have a very rich Czech and German heritage there.

My grandfather and his family had a polka band that traveled all over Texas and Oklahoma playing in dance halls.

They inspired me to become a musician myself.

I always believed I was born to sing and perform. 

Which artists have you listened to the most and who have influenced you in your way of making music?

I listen to music and artists from the 60s and 70s the most.

I just love that era and the artists like Janis Joplin and Carole King.

I believe I was heavily influenced by the music of that time as well as the powerful female artists of the 90s and 2000s like Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, Alanis Morisette, etc.

The life of an independent musician is not easy: many concerts and a lot of competition. What do you like most about this life you have chosen and what do you struggle to accept?

I enjoy performing and connecting with people through my music.

I absolutely love being on stage and jamming with my band.

The things I stuggle with is that as a woman, we have to work harder to get into venues and that digital streaming of music cannot be our only source of income.

Your first album “Song in My Head” was released last year. Tell us a little about the songs on the album: did you write them all? Is there one you are most attached to? Who are the musicians who have collaborated with you?

I wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on that album and I love each of them equally but in different ways.

Most of the songs came from a songwriter group I am in.

We turn a song in every week based on a prompt.

That has really helped me improve my songwriting overall.

I collaborated with Bonnie Bishop, Kendall Potesta, Adam Odor, Dustin Schaefer, Rio Tripiano and Midnight River Choir on that album from the songwriting to harmony singing to playing lead guitar on some of the songs.

It was so fun to make these songs with my friends.

I personally discovered you on YouTube after hearing you duet with Shane Smith in the wonderful “Born & Raised”. What’s it like to see people you know become one of the most requested bands and even appear on TV alongside Kevin Costner?

It’s been amazing watching your friends get the break they deserve.

Those are some of the hardest working musicians in the business and they’ve always taken the time to help their friends out when they can and that truly speaks to their character as human beings.

What did you think when a few years ago a small Italian blogger (me!!!) reviewed your EP “Fly Bird” (which incidentally I loved)? Thanks to streaming services you can reach the whole world, it’s true, but what does an artist like you who lives off her music think of these services?

It’s so cool how we can reach the entire planet!

Also, thank you for being a fan and taking the time to write that review.

I really appreciate all the support.

Streaming services are a game changer and I think they are super important to a musicians career.

I love them, I just wish artist would get paid fairly from those services.

If we all keep demanding it I believe we can create that change.

Who are your favorite artists currently? What if you were to tell me what are your top songs in your playlist?

I love all of my artist friends, of course!

My top songs on my playlist are all of them, ha!

I have a great “Country Soul / Southern Rock” playlist on Spotify and they’re all my favorites.

Did you only play in Texas or did you also tour the States? Your favorite venue you’ve played at? And where do you dream of playing?

I play all over the US!

Texas is the best place to come from when you’re a musician and the folks in the other states are so welcoming we when travel there to play.

My favorite venue so far is the famous Gruene Hall.

I dream of playing at the Ryman Auditorium and Red Rocks Amphitheater

Are you working on new music? Will the beautiful Song in My Head have a sequel soon? Do you have a site where readers can find your music, news and merchandise?

Yes! Finishing up a 5 song EP I recorded in Austin that I am so excited to share soon.

My website is and you can find everything you need there!

Tour info, merch and more!

Thank you Jade for your availability and I remember that as a tribute to your music in my third book which will be released but I think in 1 year, there will be my detective attending your concert at Billy’s Ice in New Braunfels. I hope it will bring you luck.

I think it’s so cool you included me in your book. I hope to read it soon! Please send me a copy! And thank you again for your support!

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