“Hellraisin’ Redneck Metalhead” – Barnyard Stompers (2023) [english]

Connections, blessed connections. So it happens in my world as a researcher of “unknown artists who shouldn’t be”. This is how I met Megan Wise and her husband Casey Miller, a duo that is not a duo. A pair of musicians that sounds like an ensemble of 10 elements, a mix of styles that is a wall of sound to upset souls from the foundations. Megan plays masterfully percussion and guitar in some pieces, while Casey is a guitarist and vocalist of the highest level. They have a long history, a story that began almost by accident, but that from the beginning was explosive. Barnyard Stompers was formed in 2012 and already in 2014, after the marriage between the two, their first album came out (this is the fifth one I’m talking about) and the train left. Concerts followed, fans increased and their legendary sound became a cult in the independent circuit. A crazy style, an electrifying mix of outlaw country, heavy metal and punk rock that shakes the speakers. Megan had to fight her hardest battle against cancer and the band obviously had to slow down, everything becomes relative in front of events like this, but finally in March 2022 she came out and this album is here to prove that they are more alive, crazy and tough than ever. They also continue fundraising for people who still struggle with this nasty evil by selling their merchandising. Friends, listening to the 10 pieces of this record is a mystical journey and makes me think that some records are so innovative and revolutionary that it deserves national echo. I’m not joking this is a record that should make school, a record where you can find the sound of Whitey Morgan mixed with that of Soundgarden with a talent that makes it seem the most natural thing in the world. A wild journey, where rock is pushed to the extreme and where the lyrics, with irony and sagacity, tell us about hard lives, alcohol and addictions, but also about punk girls unsuitable for men who love honky tonk. The title track is a manifesto of the music of these two geniuses of independent music: it starts as an outlaw country song of the 70s, then the piece crosses on its way some guitars more electric than a lightning discharge and produce some fat and powerful riffs as in a piece of heavy metal 90s, then back on the tracks that were the great Waylon. All without you can think that something is out of place, that the hoarse and powerful voice of Casey is “too much” or “too less”. Pedal-steel guitar country and unscrewed guitar worthy of the great Ted Nugent, with a solo to leave you breathless. And we are only at the beginning! Bourbon and Blood starts as an epic metal song and the lyrics that should make you think of a piece by Whitey Morgan, does not clash in a powerful, energetic piece, where the rhythmic Megan shakes the speakers. The guitar, the fiddle and the pedal-steel: this is how Big Storm begins, Casey’s voice is perfect also in an exciting and country-soul song, which, however, is smoldering under the ashes a fire that is felt, but that is not heard until the final explosion in a powerful riff and covered with heavy metal. The voice transforms and becomes the real metalhead. Crazy metamorphosis in the sound, without everything being fake or not natural. My Yellow Rose is a fantastic country ballad, a dedication by Casey to his Megan, beautiful and exciting. It lowers tension, but not emotions. The band behind the duo is really talented and the production gives us a perfectly studied sound. Did you relax? That’s enough! A riff that twists our guts is the intro of the next Behind The Wall, but it’s only a moment because the song seems like an epic ballad, even if electricity remains in the air as an omen of what will be. In fact towards the end the wild riffs and guitars take the stage, the voice transforms and here is a song that looks like the metal that was played in the Bay Area in the golden years of trash. Who said heavy metal? Here’s the next one is a cover of the band that practically invented what is now called heavy metal: Black Sabbath. Beautiful performance of one of their most emotional songs: Changes. Unconventional even here, the choice of one of the most bewildering tracks in the discography of the Birmingham band seems not to be random, it follows the mood of an album in itself unsettling and damn fun. Home is southern rock, but with a much harder spine, the rhythm and the riffs take you and never leave you. Unscrew guitar scratching the air and voice scratching the soul and speakers. Casey’s steel guitar embroiders a crazy groove of those that make you move your head up and down and clap your feet. There is a bit of blues in the solo and Miller’s talent shines in all its brilliance. Stupendous. The guitars and the voice of Casey churn out a vintage southern metal in If You Ain’t Sinnin’, tight rhythm and voice effect accompany us towards the end and towards another little gem Punk Rock Girl. A particular song, not catalogable, but with a killer groove and the work of guitars and rhythm is really remarkable. The lyrics are really brilliant with the old punk rocker who now finds more punk in independent country than in today’s punk. Truth to be carved in stone. The album closes with Carolina Moon, a country ’50s, very classic, which is almost an attempt to lower the volume of an album that has fired emotions and electricity at a very high volume. This Hellraisin’ Redneck Metalheads is a record, as I said, revolutionary, innovative and exciting, a work that is a mix of crazy styles, you can not catalog, but its genius and beauty lies right here and also in its fantastic cover, a real work of art. Let yourself be won over by Megan Wise and her husband Casey Miller, two truly uncommon artists who deserve to be in the Olympus of independent music, the one that flies from local to local, bar to bar, mouth to mouth and enthusiastic fans in enthusiastic fans, up and down the streets of the United States.

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