“Ghosts Like Me” – Nick Casey (2020) [english]

If I have to think of one positive thing that brought me this 2020, it is certainly the discovery of the world of independent American country folk rock music. Through groups on Facebook, live streaming from arcades or studios, I met artists who in the United States, in clubs, in Nashville but as well as in Texas are cults but that here in Italy unfortunately we know little. Poets musicians like Mickey Lamantia, one of the best vocals and pens I’ve ever heard and really great person and thanks to him I got to know this artist with whom he wrote songs and participated in his live streaming during the first lockdown of this spring. Nick Casey is from Rhode Island and in his already interesting career, despite his young age, has had an important live activity and in support of very famous and well-known artists in the important circuits. His music is a mixture of classic and true country with rock and blues veins, dust and warm fire of bonfires. The cover is somehow an illustration of what you will find in this wonderful debut album and in its simplicity is really beautiful. The work is composed of 10 pieces all autograph except a cover of Bruce Springsteen, that Downbound Train appeared on Born In The USA, to which the talented Casey gives back his soul rock folk that was in the original ideas of the Boss, but then diverted the sound of that record to rock from very popular arenas in the mid-80s, but that’s another story. The band behind Nick Casey is really respectable and the independent production enhances the talent and inspiration without commercial contamination, a record played for real for those who love real music, that of the streets, blue collar and dusty clubs. Don’t you believe it? Listen to the first Riding High, beautiful in its simplicity, scratchy rhythms, violin and a warm and intense voice, almost dark but the female counter-song softens the tension and the song is embellished with a beautiful guitar work. The work continues with a country rock very Texan, In My Country has the feeling of the previous piece and convinces, funny and dusty. Having worked with a 90 piece like Mickey Lamantia, has certainly enriched the luggage of the young Casey and we can say that this work reaches for quality and inspiration the work of the bearded friend and countryman. The title-track is a very inspired ballad that Nick’s low-pitched voice, make it even more intense and the cover perfectly makes the idea of the feeling that hovers. The guitar accompanies us around that fire with the violin, a really beautiful piece. As I anticipated the cover of Downbound Train is a true gem of country rock veined folk, it does justice to a wonderful piece and therefore with a truly remarkable courage. The violin solo then fits perfectly together with the guitar, melancholy at the right point, a street song that makes us understand how Nick Casey is a true storyteller and can be great in the group of independent artists who have come out in recent years as Creed Fisher, Casper Mcwade and of course his friend Mickey Lamantia. The closing of the work is an almost sunny ballad, Fighting Fires, which, however, the voice of Casey and the violins make very country, with that flavor of streets crossed by desperate and people looking for luck, the rhythm is perfect and the piece is the perfect summary of the record : a voice that remains in the mind, a talented band , so much to tell and a modern country but firmly anchored to the roots. Independent country music continues to give us unforgettable moments in this difficult year and for this reason our souls thank even more heartily, find out you will not regret it.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

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