“Fly Bird” – Jade Marie Patek (2018) [english]

Telling you about this debut EP of this Texan artist is an excuse, in the sense that this is the only album so far released and despite it has been released for 3 years now only recently I approached the sounds of this girl. I was wandering around in the sounds looking for something new, that struck me and I ran into his new single released in 2020, Dancing With The Devil and I said to myself : wow! But who is this artist! A piece with an almost southern blues rock soul, that dirty and dragged riff and the voice so full and intense : irresistible. A really beautiful piece (which I hope will soon be part of an album) that pushed me to look for and learn more. I found some videos where in this tormented year, she sang in streaming on Facebook on the page called ironically Sequestred Songwriters where many artists every Monday night interpret in turn a song of the artist of the evening, It goes from country classics to the Rolling Stones, Elton John, in short, the most disparate genres. But the voice of Jade Marie Patek is a jewel, a medicine for the soul so sweet but strong and intense. So after discovering that he only had this EP, Fly Bird, officially released in his name in 2018, I said I have to listen to him and tell you about it. Jade Marie Patek can easily be counted as one of the best country artists (but not only) that Texas has produced in recent years. It’s country, being Texan his influences are the classic country but his sound is also watered with the rock of Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers Band and soul. A very pleasant and sometimes explosive mixture, listen to the first track Dead Flowers and try to stand still, devil’s riff and harmonic, a voice that you would never stop singing, a beautiful piece oscillating between southern rock and blues, beautiful! With the second piece, Damn The Rain, it slows down and the shores are the invigorating and healthy ones of the country ballad, melancholy and intense. The violin gives him that aura of sadness that no longer comes out of the speakers and the damn rain , which ruined the day that inspired this piece, instead caused a beautiful piece. There is room for country with a splash of ’50s rock and roll feeling from Love’s To Blame, a vintage flavor, but it’s always the voice that guides us on the dance floor of a dusty, beautiful and fun saloon. It still slows down like a roller coaster with the next Drive, a beautiful country rock ballad that is the perfect showcase for the wonderful voice of Jade Marie, a piece with an arrangement and almost perfect sound, the guitar in the background is set to perfection. Despite the rock influences that they love, It’s when Patek touches the shores of the truest country that she pulls out the most intense songs and Calling My Name is another intense and heartfelt ballad that her voice seems made to tell stories and keep the audience glued to the speakers. The beautiful EP ends with the title track a song between the ballad rock and country, but it is his voice that always makes the difference while telling us a text of hope that seems written for this difficult year despite being older, reminds us that even in the darkest times we must always be positive and believe that the worst will pass and we will be able to fly away like a bird. A really beautiful EP that is just the appetizer because the subsequent songs released as singles are even better, an evolution also in the influences, rock and blues, the voice always gorgeous but listen to the cover of Soulshine of the Allman Brothers Band and tell me it’s not to be listened to over and over again! We look forward to hearing what will again give us in the coming months and years, in the meantime enjoy this record is really worth it, If you then have social media or streaming services well my advice is to follow it if you love the good voices and the real talent, the independent one that in Texas you know is easy to find. Long live Texas and quality music.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

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