“Bones Owens” – Bones Owens (2021) [english]

There are debuts destined to leave their mark, debut albums that explode in all their beauty so suddenly that you almost do not care that it is a first record. Flames that are released with such warmth and intensity that you hope they will not go away anymore: here is the debut album by Caleb Owens is all this. An unexpected explosion, a record that as soon as you have finished listening to it, is automatic press play again (or put the needle back at the beginning, for vintage as the writer) and restart it to see if the flame in the meantime heats up less, but it is not so. It keeps burning and you want to get warmer and warmer. Those who love rock music know very well that many times the beginnings are vain fires, last the moment of a listening and then the test of the second album many melt and go out as they came. Bones Owens arrived to stay and after years of work, of concerts in smoky clubs or supporting great artists, he seized the moment and threw his heart over the obstacle proving to the world that the success that we are sure will receive with this effort, is fully deserved and will last in time. Bones, the nickname by which he has always been called, is a native of rural Missouri, but from a very young age he was immersed in music (country folk bluegrass and rock), at 10 years he learns to play guitar and never stops, with the posters of the great rockers he had in his room in his mind: that was the life he wanted to live. An early author, at 13 years old, already writes songs and in 2005 decides to take the plunge and try his luck. And where can a young american artist who wants to get noticed go? Of course in Nashville, Tennessee. In the years that followed he became session-musician both in studio and on tour, for different artists, from Bon Jovi to alternative musician Mikky Ekko. Experiences that have shaped him and made him come into contact with genres, more different sensations and in his music all this can be heard, of course. Desire to be himself, original, bold, but with an eye to the influences that have marked his youth. The real debut in 2017 was an EP, Make No King, which makes it noted both in live circuits and streaming services, producers and agencies are interested. The guy is original, likes and performs live as an opening for many artists, but also a band that is now a guarantee of quality: Whiskey Myers. Fans are interested in him, they found a fan club that awaits with trepidation this eponymous debut, which comes in all its beauty in this 2021. On the cover is everything he and his art, an explosive mix of American rock music, which drags in a whirlwind crazy rock, blues, psychedelia and roots, an electric shock perfect for his voice. The album is produced by Paul Moak and Vince Powell for Thirty Tigers/ Black Ranch Records and are 12 pieces that will not leave you indifferent. Nothing built, nothing difficult : guitar (his and that of Moak in some pieces), bass ( Jonathan Draper) and drums ( Julian Dario for 10 pieces and Daniel Sousa and Lance Bennett for one each) and keyboards (Paul Moak). No trick, no deception. Do you want to light the flame? Do you need the spark? Start the first piece, Lightining Strike, a killer riff and the rhythm that surrounds you and then burn with the chorus, a real blast! Bit of the Black Keys, bit of the street rock and roll, lots of talent. There are no pieces that you will want to jump or fillers, listen to the guitar that scratches the air of White Lines, a song that runs in streaming as a single from 2018 and that since then has had deservedly place in the most popular playlists, rock and blues, anger and feeling, with a splash of Cobain angst (you will also find strong Nirvana influences.) Bones Owens‘ guitar is aggressive, does not let the speakers breathe, scratches wraps upsets, When I Think About Love is sour, angry, with a groove and a chorus that will not come out easily from the ears, Jack White did school, but the interpretation is original. Echoes of the ’70s with a soul flavor in Wave, that blues rock to dance and sing, imbued with a hint of melancholy, give way to another of the songs that had already upset the network, Keep It Close and rock has a strong flavor of British influences alternative ( Oasis and Artic Monkeys), but with a greater malice and lyrical skill. The end of the innocence of the child Caleb when his father warned him from the world that he would steal his joy. Perhaps my favorite text, but even the music of this piece wraps you in its simplicity that leads to the irresistible riff of Ain’t Nobody, here the southern roots emerge, perhaps with the influence of Texas rockers Whiskey Myers with which he divided the stage. A masterful guitar work, An assassin groove that drags and amuses. Come My Way is no different and we imagine traveling along a dusty highway with the windows lowered at full speed, rock yearns the road at full volume. Is there room for country in the next Country Man? Not just another round of guitar that doesn’t take prisoners, acid and psychedelic, as if the more rock and aggressive Rolling Stones had made a jam session with Jack White and Kurt Cobain in a club in the south of the United States in the 70s where soul soaked the air. Here’s what my mind and my ears think at the end of a sparkling 38 minutes long and that at this moment I would absolutely listen again. A debut with the foot pressed on the accelerator, that inflames and burns souls and live has ignited many hearts and has upset many live clubs. In the meantime we invite you to enjoy these beautiful 12 pieces of original and truly exciting rock, waiting to find out if the flame looks more like Greek fire than a wisp fire and if it will continue to burn the speakers even at the next release.

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