“AppalachianBlood” – Scott Ryan & The Devilish Folk (2020) [english]

Every now and then I come across social media or even streaming services like Spotify (which are unfortunately a necessary tool for those who must promote themselves and for those who want to discover independent artists), in album names or songs that capture my attention. I have a developed sixth sense really, rarely if a cover, a name or a song at first listening strikes me, then the album or the whole discography are anonymous or ugly. Here with Scott Ryan and his Devilish Folk happened this, I was amazed by his name only him but with a band name that well summarizes his folk music but powerful and with dark shades, I liked the way to write the titles without spaces almost like to speed up a folk that has strong country and blues roots, I like its origin the Kentucky and the Appalachian Mountains that now we know to be land of fantastic artists and even the name of this his record (in 2020, in his name, two others came out, one of which is Southerndeathride, just as beautiful and with a really nice cover). Independent and therefore self-produced, this disc is composed of 12 dry pieces, uncontaminated, raw if you will but very true and sincere. It is not a melancholy folk-country or without verve indeed, listen to the first CocaineKentuckyLove energetic sincere and with the voice of Scott Ryan scratchy and sharp as that of an angry Bob Dylan first way. Beautiful Holler Rat, with a dragged trend that already only guitar and voice takes you at first listen but has already been released in full band version and is even more beautiful, clean and engaging sound. But trust even just acoustics with that hoarse and incisive voice that sings of hard life, drugs and lost loves you will love it right away if you love the sincere stories-tellers that seem to have lived more adventures than those singing. There are also almost blues pieces in their sway between country and folk, Dog on a Chain is one of these, acoustic energy and vocal strength, almost like a bluesman of the Delta moved to the Appalachian Mountains to sing among woods and raging rivers. A record that is never banal and really intense, is not limited by the fact of being acoustic and supported only by a six-string and a voice, although we must be honest we dream with a solid band behind us. I tell you this because on the net there is also an EP More Devilish Things (the first album released this year of the 3) electric strong and I imagine songs like Hell’s Highway with a nice electric guitar to support and an excellent rhythm kit, It’d be like a Texas radio piece and a wild one on the road. I don’t belittle the work indeed I was fascinated, this guy has a really remarkable talent, usually only acoustic songs and self-produced after a little tired or are not effective, while Scott Ryan keeps the tension high for all these 12 pieces (and I also add in the 12 of the other record released in this 2020). There are also melancholic and sad ballads like in any country folk album that respects, but they are original because his voice is so, not common as well as his direct lyrics and no frills. A music that is either loved or hated, there are no half-words, it is not radio or simple listening but once appreciated there is the desire to discover more. A nice, intense record that I invite you to find out if you love independent folk music, without commercial obligations if not towards quality and here certainly there is, a kind of artist between the young Dylan and Scott H Biram, A Texan who made almost punk folk rock a way of life. Dust of the desert but also many woods, shadows where the sun struggles to filter but when it succeeds it blinds. That’s all here.

Good listening,

Trex Willer

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