“Almost Home” – The Piedmont Boys (2020) [english]

Discovering new artists in the undergrowth of independent American music, now for me it is like a breath of fresh air, a cure-all and try to make them know even in our country hard work. But as the famous adage said, someone has to. Here are these 5 South Carolina “boys” absolutely deserve the attention of those who love the music of Waylon Jennings, Whitey Morgan and that strand of country called outlaw. But not only because their devastating skill and live uproar, it also makes them look like a hard and dirty rock band, with surprising Southern contamination. The hardest thing for a band used to playing every night for 7 years, is to capture the energy that flows from the boards of a stage and release it in a recording studio and arrived at the fifth disc after over 10 years of career, We can say that the Piedmont Boys have been able to give us a record that sounds fantastic even through our speakers but in America can not wait to hear live, are a real power. I discovered them through a live stream in the infamous first lockdown, through the great Mickey Lamantia, breed outlaw, who hosted them in one of his concerts from the porch. Very good. They’re all top-notch instrumentalists : Greg Payne, the leader, vocals and guitar, Matt Parks, one of the best country violinists in the world, Stuart Mcconnell the guitar that gives that dirty southern rock touch, Tony Pilot on drums and Mike Johnson on bass, a rhythm section to be left speechless. A band of friends who will set fire to your speakers. Theirs is a country honky tonk to dance in a bar, where whiskey is the master but the women who love are the ones waiting for them at home, blue collar lyrics, heritage of a land where work, family and friendships are the most important things. In my opinion they are undervalued compared to names that have become cult among the country circuits of Texas for example, but deserve to be trusted. Just press play and start Rice Beans, a beautiful honky tonk, fun and engaging but with the rock guitar to wrap the fantastic sound of the violin. The peculiarity of this beautiful song is that it is present in all the previous Piedmont Boys records, a kind of lucky tradition. There are also beautiful ballads like In Came You, one of the country ballads of the year according to the writer, a personal interpretation of the tradition of this music so linked to the territory, but the difference is the sound of the violin, really a rare talent that of Parks, but the band follows him, the rhythms and voice of Payne are no less, a real jewel. Imagine yourself in a dusty, noisy club drinking whiskey and a band of bad boys shaking the planks of the stage and then listening to Wrong Turn. Don’t you feel the hands beating and people having fun? Rock guitar and country violin that’s the secret and so much talent. The tracks are 11, there are also some covers like $50 And a Flask of Crown by Bleu Edmonson, and no one is out of place and listening will run away like a ride in the Grand Canyon, with the wind on their face , the sun, the dust but with a great desire to go back on the porch of the house to sip whiskey with the beloved woman. Long live independent country music! I’ve already said it and hearing bands like the Piedmont Boys, I confirm it absolutely, no fashion, no commercial garbage of what our radios pass as country. Here is the real country, modern but anchored to the roots, a little country a little rock very honky tonk, the great Waylon Jennings would have loved them.

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